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How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day Without Your Military Spouse

Long distance relationships are hard, they’re even harder on holidays that are all about love. Grocery stores across the country quickly remind everyone that Valentine’s Day is coming and you must buy; candy, flowers, cookies, cupcakes, a card that sings, a giant teddy bear, and maybe some balloons to show your love for someone. If ...

air force dad with wife and three daughters

Wife and kids: the quickest way to earn more pay?

Getting married or having kids could earn you more pay as a military service member. Just don't be hasty.

What do Special Operators do?

Special Operators serve on the front lines in small ambiguous teams in austere environments in order to complete the following types of missions:

The Pre-Armstrong Workout for Pull-up Beginners

If doing full dead-hang pullups, or as a whole, the official Armstrong Pullup Program is too difficult for you, we recommend trying the following workout until your max set is 7-10 controlled, full dead-hang pullups. Best of luck! The Pre-Armstrong Pullup Program Workout  When required, simply pick any bicep curl type exercises (barbell, dumbbell, alternating, ...

sending mail to basic training

5 things to write about when sending letters to basic training

Here are some tips for what to write when you send a letter to your service member.

My Dad’s Letters

The letters I received at basic training had a powerful impact on the person I became.

holidays schedule impact on letters mailed to basic training boot camp recruit training

Sending Letters to Boot Camp & Basic Training over the Holidays

Be aware of how holiday work and training schedules impact mail to service members.

5 tips for becoming a military intelligence expert

So you want to be ‘intel?’

Here are 5 tips from a Marine Corps intelligence officer to help you prepare for a career in military intelligence.

tips for naval academy admissions

U.S. Naval Academy Admissions: Tips for Success

Here are four tips that can help you stand out as a candidate for the U.S. Naval Academy.