6 Things to Memorize Before Marine Boot Camp

Before heading to Marine boot camp here are 6 things that a recruit should memorize before boot camp.

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How long is United States Marine Corps Recruit Training “Boot Camp”?

United States Marine Corps Recruit Training (also known as “boot camp”) is a 12 week program of initial training that each recruit must successfully complete in order to serve in the United States Marine Corps.

What’s After Marine Corps Recruit Training “Boot Camp”?

The next step after Marine Corps Recruit Training is School of Infantry (SOI).

SOI | Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) | Infantry Training Battalion’s (ITB)| Your Marines SOI Mailing Address:

School of Infantry (SOI) Company and Class Reference Guide

  1. Use these graduation dates charts below to find your Marine’s Company and Class.
  2. Once you’ve identified your Marine’s Company & Class information, click here for the mailing address.


SOI East Heading-1

School of Infantry (SOI) Mailing Addresses – East & West

Use your Marine’s class information found here to fill out their mailing address.
Make sure to check that you use the appropriate format. Mailing address are broke down by SOI East and SOI West. If your Marine is going to the East Coast you will use the SOI EAST format, if they are headed to the West Coast, please use the SOI West format. MCT and ITB each have their own mailing address so make sure you choose the appropriate format. If you need help figuring out your Marine’s mailing address please reach out to us and we would be happy to help! 💌

SOI East Heading-1

To send mail to your Marine at MCT EAST please use the following format

(Rank, Last Name, First Name, Mi)
Company________, Class__-__
Mct Bn, Soi-e, Mcb
Psc Box 20161
Camp Lejeune, Nc 28542-0161

Receiving Mail at Marine OCS: What You Need to Know

What Mail at OCS Means to Your Candidate

Mail at OCS is often the highlight of the day. Many candidates enjoy receiving sports scores, newsletters, newspaper clippings, etc.: anything they would have normally kept up with at home. Family and friends are encouraged to share fun stories, summer adventures, or jokes as this keeps candidates grounded and affords a moment of escape from the stress of OCS.

How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day Without Your Military Spouse

Long distance relationships are hard, they’re even harder on holidays that are all about love. Grocery stores across the country quickly remind everyone that Valentine’s Day is coming and you must buy; candy, flowers, cookies, cupcakes, a card that sings, a giant teddy bear, and maybe some balloons to show your love for someone.


If you’re like me you don’t really care about receiving any of that, especially when you can’t even celebrate with your boyfriend/spouse because they’re in the Military. To a lot of people it’s just another day and, “If you love someone you should show them every day, not just one day out of the year.” Or you’re the hopeless romantic kind that absolutely loves Valentine’s Day and the romance of it all.

Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day, you can still make it a great day without your significant other being there and here is how!

  1. Wake up and pick out your favorite outfit. Just because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good about yourself!
  2. Make yourself a really great breakfast. If you’re like me you’ll go to the bakery and take full advantage of the heart-shaped donuts.
  3. Is it a nice day out? If it is take advantage of it. Go for a run, a hike, or a quick scenic drive filled with love songs during your lunch break. Plan a lunch date with some girlfriends, surround yourself with people that make you happy!
  4. After work stop by the grocery store to pick up a face-mask, some of your favorite comfort foods, and a good movie – this night is all about you!
  5. Before you go to bed, make a list of all of the things you love about your relationship with your military spouse/boyfriend. You’ll go to bed thinking positively about your relationship and happy!

At the end of the day remember, you do have someone out there that love’s you and would be there with balloons, flowers, candy, cookies, and a teddy bear if they could. Spend the day loving yourself and loving that you have a great relationship and you’ll find that Valentine’s Day on your own isn’t so bad.

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Taking the Time to Honor Sgt. David Smith of Frederick Maryland

In memory of, Sgt. David Smith of Frederick Maryland.

Who are the Marine Raiders?

Historically, Marine Raiders were elite Marine Corps units established during World War II to conduct special amphibious warfare. Marine Raiders earned a ferocious reputation operating behind enemy lines as the FIRST United States Special Operations Forces.