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PCS Season 2017

Some of us have lived this and others are new at it - PCSing. Permanent Change of Station. This is probably the highest-rated stressors among spouses, both new to the game as well as the experienced. There are tons of tips out there to survive your first, or 5th, military move. Our first PCS wasn't ...


Tips on Writing a Modern Love Letter to Your Recruit on Valentine’s Day

“The sight of that shining moon up there—the moon that shines on you, too—fills me with romance—; and even though it’s just a dream now, it’s a promise of a glorious future with one I love more than life. The darned old moon keeps shining for us, darling—and even as it now increases that inescapable ...

Tips for Surviving the Love Holiday Solo

It’s Valentine’s Day...and your significant other is with his other love, the military. Sometimes she can be pretty stingy with their time, but it’s up to us to make the most of every moment. What do you do? Well, you could eat chocolate, drink wine, and watch sappy movies guaranteed to turn you into a ...

Proposing at Your Basic Training Graduation: Mistake or the Perfect Time?

It's flashy, it's exciting, it's the combination of two of the most momentous days of your life. But is it also a decision you will regret? Ryan and Jenny Ryan and Jenny first met in biology class in their suburban Georgia high school. Their personal chemistry was evident nearly immediately. Jenny started coming to Ryan's ...

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Military Spouse Advice – Getting Involved

If you're a military spouse, you know how lonely and difficult life can feel. How do you stay involved and active?

girlfriend's arms wrapped around soldier holding dog tags

Military Girlfriend 101 – What You Need To Know

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in the military, there are some things you should know.

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How to send Letters to Boot Camp

If you have a loved one at basic training, we have a mobile app that helps you send letters and pictures while saving you time.


From ROTC to OCS – How this Military Couple stays Connected

Team Sandboxx loves connecting military families through the Sandboxx app. Recently we heard from Sydney, who explained how she uses Sandboxx to keep in touch with her boyfriend: At Norwich University, I am an Army ROTC cadet training to become an Army nurse. I met my love during my freshman year of college. As a ...


Serving From the Homefront

Aliyah Meehan, Director of Family Affairs Heroes come in many forms. To some, it’s in the form of a fictional character in a movie or comic book; to others it’s their favorite sports player. To my children, their hero is their Dad. When they were little, my daughter would ask, “Did you have to wear a cape today Daddy?" He proudly wears the ...