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Quick Guide: 6 Things To Memorize Before Army Basic Training

Headed to Army Basic Training? Read more. Basic training is an extremely stressful time. Sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, and yelling instructions doesn't exactly create the ideal study environment. Do yourself a favor by memorizing these 6 things to know and learn before Army Basic Training. By doing this, it should give you a few less ...

Receiving Mail at Marine OCS: What You Need to Know

This post originally appeared on the USMC OCS Blog, the #1 site for future Marine Officers. What Mail at OCS Means to Your Candidate Mail at OCS is often the highlight of the day. Many candidates enjoy receiving sports scores, newsletters, newspaper clippings, etc.: anything they would have normally kept up with at home. Family ...


Tips on Writing a Modern Love Letter to Your Recruit on Valentine’s Day

“The sight of that shining moon up there—the moon that shines on you, too—fills me with romance—; and even though it’s just a dream now, it’s a promise of a glorious future with one I love more than life. The darned old moon keeps shining for us, darling—and even as it now increases that inescapable ...

How to Thrive in Basic Training (the first step toward Army OCS)

Unlike the Marine Corps, which sends officer candidates directly to Officer Candidate School, the Army requires all officer candidates (who are not prior service enlisted) to attend Basic Combat Training ("boot camp") prior to moving on to OCS. At present, BCT is a 10-week program that focuses on basic fitness, elementary soldiering skills, and military ...

sending mail to basic training

5 things to write about when sending letters to basic training

Here are some tips for what to write when you send a letter to your service member.

holidays schedule impact on letters mailed to basic training boot camp recruit training

Sending Letters to Boot Camp & Basic Training over the Holidays

Be aware of how holiday work and training schedules impact mail to service members.

tips for naval academy admissions

U.S. Naval Academy Admissions: Tips for Success

Here are four tips that can help you stand out as a candidate for the U.S. Naval Academy.

letter from week one of marine corps recruit training san diego

A Letter from Week One of Boot Camp

This soon-to-be Marine is happy with his choice to go to boot camp.

funny boot camp basic training stories

Funny Boot Camp Stories – Volume 3

The high stress environment of basic training plus the creativity/cruelty of some instructors leads to some pretty funny incidents.