What’s After Marine Corps Recruit Training “Boot Camp”?

The next step after Marine Corps Recruit Training is School of Infantry (SOI).

SOI | Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) | Infantry Training Battalion’s (ITB)| Your Marines SOI Mailing Address:

School of Infantry (SOI) Company and Class Reference Guide

  1. Use these graduation dates charts below to find your Marine’s Company and Class.
  2. Once you’ve identified your Marine’s Company & Class information, click here for the mailing address.


SOI East Heading-1

School of Infantry (SOI) Mailing Addresses – East & West

Use your Marine’s class information found here to fill out their mailing address.
Make sure to check that you use the appropriate format. Mailing address are broke down by SOI East and SOI West. If your Marine is going to the East Coast you will use the SOI EAST format, if they are headed to the West Coast, please use the SOI West format. MCT and ITB each have their own mailing address so make sure you choose the appropriate format. If you need help figuring out your Marine’s mailing address please reach out to us and we would be happy to help! 💌

SOI East Heading-1

To send mail to your Marine at MCT EAST please use the following format

(Rank, Last Name, First Name, Mi)
Company________, Class__-__
Mct Bn, Soi-e, Mcb
Psc Box 20161
Camp Lejeune, Nc 28542-0161