How To Become a Sponsor For Letters To Basic Training

Basic training is physically and mentally challenging for those who have made the decision to serve our country. For many recruits, they are leaving their families for the first time ever as they begin their transition from a civilian to a member of our Armed Forces. The journey is not an easy one, and recruits will often need support and motivation from back home to help them push through. Learn how you can become a Letters to basic training sponsor using Sandboxx.

When you purchase the Family Bundle on the Sandboxx app you can get letters as low as $2.50. It’s the ideal bundle for sharing credits with friends and family.

For $249.99 you receive 100 Sandboxx Letter credits. You can keep the Letter credits for yourself or share them with others so that you recruit can receive support and motivation from everyone! You can share Letter credits with friends, family, your church community, your recruits teammates, etc. The options are endless. 

Keep in mind, you don’t need to purchase the Family bundle to share your Sandboxx Letter credits, any bundle can be shared, but the Family bundle will give you the best deal. 


So how can you become a sponsor?

You can apply Letter credits to your recruit so that any Sandboxx Letters sent to them will be from your sponsorship.

Follow these steps to start the process:

  1. Open the Sandboxx app and navigate to the “Letters” tab.
  2. Click on the button on the right side that says “Become a Sponsor”
  3. This will open a chat with our Customer Happiness team.
  4. Simply ask the Customer Happiness team to apply X number of Letter credits to your recruit.

Note: You will need to have at least 8 Letter credits in your account. If you have none, it would be better to first purchase at least 8 credits, and then start this process.

Once the Customer Happiness Team Member replies with confirmation of your request, you’ll be set up as a sponsor.

Start sending Letters to basic training.

Spread the word to family and friends that you’re sponsoring your recruit. 

Invite them to download Sandboxx through our referral program so that you can earn even more Letter credits.

Once they’ve downloaded and created a Sandboxx account you can ask them to search for your recruit(make sure they search by their exact name). Their Letter will then be sent on behalf of your sponsorship.




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