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Joining any branch of the military requires getting into physical shape. Here we’ll go over the different levels of fitness requirements needed to join the Air Force and to graduate from Basic Military Training. Our overview of the Air Force PT Test will break down each activity and give you the scoring categories for both women and men. It’s time to get yourself into top shape for joining the United States Air Force.

Before starting any fitness plan or goals, you should consult with your doctor.

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Air Force Physical Requirements

When you become a Trainee for the Air Force, you will be physically tested at least 3 times throughout training.

Within your first week of arrival, you will be tested to ensure you have a minimum acceptable fitness level. At Week 3, you will be tested again to ensure you are making good progress and finally at Week 6, you will undergo your final Air Force Physical Test before you become an Airman.

It is important that before you leave to become a Trainee, you are physically ready and at least capable of achieving the minimum scores.

The Air Force Physical Test centers around 4 core elements:

  1. Air Force 1.5 Mile Run
  2. Air Force Push-Ups
  3. Air Force Sit-Ups
  4. Air Force Abdominal Circumference

These 4 are each scored and awarded points. Scoring works on a point based system with points attributed to times and reps. There are minimum requirements in each category which must be passed. You must achieve an overall minimum points score of 75 to begin training.

However, while at Basic Training the concentration will be on the minimum requirements and not the points.

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Tips for Air Force Fitness Standards

If you are not a regular exerciser or are not used to doing these particular workouts, then starting to train for Air Force basic training can be very daunting.

We always recommend starting with low reps in the beginning, so that you can focus on getting your form and technique right first, and gradually increase the time and speed as you progress.

None of the standards require any equipment for training so there’s no excuse not to get top marks on the Air Force PT Test by the time you get to graduation at Air Force Basic Training.

Warm up and warm down before exercise to aid recovery and prevent injury.

The Air Force Fitness Training Plan consists of a 14-week training plan for trainees to follow before going to basic training. The fitness plan covers push-ups, pull-ups and running.

Fitness Standard needed for Air Force BMT

Minimum’s Run Time Push Ups Sit Ups
Male >18:30 < 8/min < 11/min
Female >21:35 < 5/min < 9/min

In Zero Week of BMT, all Trainees will be subject to their initial fitness test. These scores are much lower than those needed for graduation and are designed to ensure that Trainees have a basic level of fitness required to handle the upcoming training.

Air Force 1.5 Mile Run

*These scores are based on males and females under the age of 30 required for graduating. For scores for other age categories as well a breakdown of points for each time, check out the Air Force PT Chart*

Male Fitness Requirements

Male Times Run Time Points
Minimum  13:36 42.3
Maximum <9:12 60

Female Fitness Requirements

Female Times Run Time Points
Minimum 16:22 44.1
Maximum <10:23 60

The key to getting good at running is consistency. If you go for a run once a week, you won’t get any faster nor will you be able to run for longer. The beauty of the 1.5-mile run is that you don’t need any equipment or gym to train for it.

For those who are frequent exerciser’s, you should focus on pacing, speed, and consistency. Try getting out for a run at least 3 to 4 times a week to see any noticeable improvements.

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If you are new to running, start with a jog-walk- jog cycle throughout the 1.5-mile distance to start with. Progressively build this up so that eventually you are walking less and jogging more. Then you can start working on your speed and pacing.

You should also try running 2 miles once you’re active to ensure that you will be able to run the 1.5 miles with speed and comfort.

There are plenty of apps and sites dedicated to going from no running to running 5k’s, 10k’s or even half marathons so these can be useful for some extra motivation and guidance.

Air Force Push-Ups

*These scores are based on males and females under the age of 30 required for graduating. For scores for other age categories as well a breakdown of points for each time, check out the Air Force PT Chart*

Male Fitness Requirements

Male Push-Ups (reps/min) Points
Minimum 33 5
Maximum >67 10

Female Fitness Requirements

Female Push-Ups (reps/min) Points
Minimum 18 5
Maximum >47 10

Push-Ups are designed to strengthen your triceps, your chest and the front of your shoulders. Regardless of whether you are very fit or not fit at all, ensuring your form is correct is very important.

When doing a push-up, you should be in a front leaning position, with your hands positioned under you, about shoulder width apart.

Your feet should be together and your head should be up. Let yourself down, elbow’s at 90 degrees until your arms are parallel to the floor and then extend your elbows back up.

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If possible, try to position a mirror in front of yourself when training so you can identify any flaws in your form.

You can only rest in the up position so be sure to incorporate this into your training. You want to be fast to meet the times but do not want to “bounce” up and down.

For those starting off, we’d recommend breaking it into manageable chunks and work on getting your push-up count up. Start with five push-ups a day, and increase by five for each following day.

Once you have it up to the 60/70 mark, then start working on speed. If you are experienced, ensure your form and speed are up to par and practice them at least 5 times a week to ensure consistency.

Air Force Sit-Ups

*These scores are based on males and females under the age of 30 required for graduating. For scores for other age categories as well a breakdown of points for each time, check out the Air Force PT Chart*

Male Fitness Requirements

Male Sit-Ups (reps/min) Points
Minimum 42 6
Maximum >58 10

Male Fitness Requirements

Female Sit-Ups (reps/min) Points
Minimum 38 6
Maximum >54 10

Sit-Ups focus on strengthening the abdominals as well as chest, hip flexors, lower back, and neck.

If starting off from 0, you should be careful not to strain your lower back and neck when exercising.

We would recommend building up your sit-up count in 5’s and 10’s and once you feel comfortable doing them, work on the speed. Maintaining the correct form will make it easier to do and make it less likely that you will be injured.

Pacing yourself is very important, as most people go too quickly to start and find it hard to finish so keep your speed controlled.

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When doing sit-ups, you should lie on your back with your feet firmly on the ground. Place your hands on your ears or cross them and hold your shoulders but don’t pull on your neck. Curl your body up to your knees, keeping your feet grounded and then slowly let yourself back down again. Resting should be done in the up position as this will be required when you are being assessed.

Air Force Abdominal Circumference

*These scores are based on males and females under the age of 30 required for graduating. For scores for other age categories as well a breakdown of points for each time, check out the Air Force PT Chart*

Air Force Abdominal Circumference, Air Force PT, Sandboxx

Although not technically a fitness test, there is a body composition aspect with a measuring of the abdominal circumference which contributes to your Physical Training Score.

Abdominal circumference can only be decreased with a drop in body fat. It’s addition to the test is aimed at an Airman’s overall health, a lower circumference decreases your likelihood of strokes, heart attack, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Males Abdominal Circumference (inches) Points
Ideal <32.5 20
Maximum Size 39 12.6
Females Abdominal Circumference (inches) Points
Ideal <29 20
Maximum Size 35.5 12.8

Air Force Basic Training Weight Requirements

Although there’s no strict fitness test in regards to entering the Air Force, there is a height to weight requisite that needs to be fulfilled.

Physical training has a huge impact on your weight so it is in your best interest to start working out, not only for meeting the weight requirements but also to increase your readiness and level of performance during basic military training.

Height (Inches) Max Weight (lbs)
58 131
59 136
60 141
61 145
62 150
63 155
64 160
65 165
66 170
67 175
68 180
69 186
70 191
71 197
72 202
73 208
74 214
75 220
76 225
77 231
78 237
79 244
80 250

Air Force Diet

There are no dietary requirements for Air Force Basic Military Training. However, if you are looking to improve your fitness scores and abdominal circumference as well as ensure your body is correctly fueled, you should also ensure you have a healthy diet.

Following some basic principles should keep you in good shape before heading to Air Force Basic Military Training.

  • Make sure you are eating enough healthy proteins, carbohydrates, fats to keep yourself fueled as well as your micronutrients.
  • Stay away from overly processed foods and make sure you are keeping well hydrated.
  • Get at least 8 hours sleep to allow your body to rest and recover.

Air Force Fitness Recognition

For those that surpass expectations in terms of their Fitness testing while at Air Force Basic Training, there is due recognition given at Air Force Graduation.

  • The top PT Male and Female will receive a Sunday Town Pass, a BMT Fitness Certificate and the privilege of running with the group commander at the front of the Airman’s Run.
  • The top PT Flight Male and Female will also receive a Sunday Town Pass.
  • Those who receive a composite score of 100 will be recognized as a “Warhawk” and give a Sunday Town Pass and a BMT Fitness Certificate.
  • Those who receive a composite score of between 90 – 99 will be recognized as a “Thunderbolt” and given a BMT Fitness Certificate.

Extra Air Force Fitness Requirements

The fitness requirements noted above are what is expected of all Airmen. However, if you enter the Air Force with the hopes of becoming a Battlefield Airman, you will have additional requirements to meet. Skills such as swimming and pull-ups can also be tested. You should reach out to your recruiter in advance of basic training for further instruction on what the exact fitness requirements are.

Read more on what you need to know before you head to Air Force BMT or learn about the events that happen during Air Force BMT.

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