Write a Letter from Your Computer! Introducing the Sandboxx Web App

Sandboxx Web App

At Sandboxx, we take our users’ feedback very seriously, and take your ideas and suggestions to make our app and platform better. For a long time now, our users have asked us, “when will we be able to use Sandboxx and write a letter from your computers?”

Today, we have an answer for you. We’re incredibly excited to be introducing the  Sandboxx web app!

The Sandboxx web app is the perfect solution for anybody who might prefer to use their computer to support their recruit or service member with Sandboxx instead of their mobile phone. Sandboxx on PC is now a reality and with the web app, you’ll be able to:

  • Send Letters 💌 from your desktop: For those who’d like to use their keyboard to type their Letter, prefer a larger screen size to better see their message, or would rather upload photos from their computer albums, the web app is the perfect solution!
  • Get the best military travel options 🏨: We’ve redesigned the Sandboxx Travel experience on the web to provide you with the very best flights and hotels for your travel needs. See our recommended hotels, and browse popular military travel destinations to plan your next trip worry- and stress-free.

  • Receive weekly updates and briefings: Just like in our mobile app, you’ll be able to digest all of your weekly boot camp updates and briefings from our web app – after you send that first Letter, of course!
  • Browse your feed: See your and your connections’ Sandboxx posts, and give a star to the ones that you like best.

Ready to get started with our web app? Click here to get started, and be sure to let us know what you think!


Author: Brian at Sandboxx

I have long-standing military roots through my family, as my grandfather served in the Army as a pediatrician. Since then, I’ve become more actively involved with the military community thanks to my fiancé and partner of over six years, who is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, where he serves as a pediatric cardiologist. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Sandboxx team so that I can give back to such an important community and group of people.

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