What is Sandboxx TravelPlus?

Sandboxx TravelPlus

Stop the worry, and book your travel with ease of mind with Sandboxx TravelPlus.

Sandboxx understands graduation dates may change based on medical or training setbacks, and we also know airlines will charge up to $200 per ticket to make date changes. Since airline tickets historically rise the closer you get to your travel dates, Sandboxx has created a unique one-of-a-kind program specifically for military families.

We recognize the importance of attending graduation for you and your service member, so have set up TravelPlus to protect you from costly cancellation and rebooking should graduation dates change.

All Sandboxx users are eligible for the TravelPlus Protection* program, which is packed with great benefits for your graduation or active duty travel.

Book your travel with Sandboxx Travel today for complete ease of mind.

What does Sandboxx TravelPlus include?

  • Void your ticket within 24 hours or make changes for free.
  • Full airline ticket reimbursement if graduation or leave is canceled.
  • If canceled, you get to keep your travel credit for a future flight.
  • No airline change/rebooking fee for rebooking if graduation or leave dates change.
  • Free Letter credit to send your recruit their flight information.

Sandboxx TravelPlus Protection covers any change fees for rebooking tickets due to a new graduation date and if your recruit doesn’t finish basic training, you will be reimbursed 100% of the basic cost of your airline ticket. Plus, keep your travel credit.



Let’s say you purchase 3 tickets to graduation for $300 per ticket. And a one-way ticket for $150 back home for your recruit.

Case One, graduation or leave dates change. Sandboxx will rebook your tickets for FREE, but you would be responsible for any fare difference.

Case Two, graduation is completely canceled based on your recruit being discharged. Sandboxx will reimburse you 100% for the base cost of each ticket, including your recruits. Plus, you will have $300 x 3 future travel credit for each traveler and $150 x 1 with the airline that the original ticket was booked with. So basically, you are getting your money back plus a free future flight.

What does it cost?

Sandboxx Travel Plus Protection costs $25 per ticket and to qualify, the protection must be purchased the same day as the airline ticket is booked. It may be refunded within 24 hours of purchase, not including weekends.

How do you choose TravelPlus?

You will be given an option of opting in for the TravelPlus during your checkout process. The following box will appear under flight details once you click on a flight option.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.52.43 PM.png

Simply click the “Add Travel Plus box” and it will be added to your itinerary. If for some reason you miss this, simply contact us at reservation@sandboxx.us and we can assist you with adding this to your booking

How to process a change request:

Please contact our support team at reservations@sandboxx.us in order to process any changes on your airline tickets. Please include the name of travelers, the email associated with your Sandboxx account, and your TravelPlus confirmation number. (Which you were given when you booked).

Always some fine print

Here are some other details regarding the program, and we appreciate your patience in reading all the fine print. If you have any questions, just let us know! For all your travel needs, check out Sandboxx Travel.

If a ticket is canceled based on a military discharge or active duty leave being canceled by the command, the travel credit can only be used by the person named on the ticket. TravelPlus is available to any person attending basic training graduation booking their tickets through Sandboxx Travel, including the recruit ticket. TravelPlus does not reimburse the cost for ticket transfers or name changes, fare differences related to change of dates or changes made for any reason not related to an official change of dates for the military graduation. TravelPlus only applies to flight bookings.


Sandboxx is a certified Travel Agency with accreditation coming from the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and IATA – The Leading Industry Bodies for Travel.

*TravelPlus is not a state or federally backed insurance product or sponsored by the airlines. Sandboxx offers this benefit to all clients as part of their overall travel agency services.



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  1. My recruiter is getting ready to graduate from basic and Navy will only pay half for his travel home can I book flight for him thru here

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  3. It’s all so new to us. Thank you for simplifying as much as possible. My daughter is up there and is scheduled to graduate sometime in October or November not sure how I works

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