Plan your trip to Navy Boot Camp Graduation (2018)

Below you will find the Navy boot camp start dates and and Navy boot camp graduation dates. Follow the steps below to being planning your trip to Great Lakes to see your new Sailor.

1.  Select your Navy recruits graduation date for RTC Great Lakes
2. Click to reserve and book your hotel trip

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*All graduation dates are correct at the time of writing. We always advise to check with your recruit and when booking, that you have refundable options. You will need to know your division, ship # as well as 1st day of training as all 3 of these can duplicate in short periods of time.

November 2018 Graduation Dates

Coming Soon!

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    1. Hi, Christy! It looks like your recruit would graduate on Jan. 18th. We recommend reaching out to your recruit’s recruiter to verify this information and asking your recruit in a letter. We hope this helps.

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