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Send Your First Letter to Navy Boot Camp

Your recruit is officially beginning their journey to becoming a United States Sailor. Here’s all you need to know about sending letters to your recruit at Navy boot camp.

Navy Boot Camp Mailing Address

Great Lakes Address FormatGreat Lakes Sample Address
SR Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
Ship ### Div ###
#### Street/Drive
Great Lakes, IL 60088-XXXX
SR Doe, John R
Ship 7 Div 341
3405 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3401

Navy Boot Camp Ship Addresses

Navy Boot Camp Ship 2Navy Boot Camp Ship 3Navy Boot Camp Ship 4
3600 Ohio Street
Great Lakes, IL
3600 Ohio Street
Great Lakes, IL
3600 Ohio Street
Great Lakes, IL
Navy Boot Camp Ship 5Navy Boot Camp Ship 6Navy Boot Camp Ship 7
3610 Illinois Street
Great Lakes, IL
3510 Illinois Street
Great Lakes, IL
3405 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
Navy Boot Camp Ship 9Navy Boot Camp Ship 10Navy Boot Camp Ship 11
3415 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
3425 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
3505 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
Navy Boot Camp Ship 12Navy Boot Camp Ship 13
3515 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
3420 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
Navy Boot Camp Ship 14Navy Boot Camp Ship 17
3410 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL
2705 Kansas Street
Great Lakes, IL

What should I write in my Letters to Navy boot camp?

Over the next eight weeks recruits will be pushed beyond their limits and, if successful, transition into a Sailor of the United Staes Navy.

Mental and physical exhaustion will become a norm as the loved one you said goodbye to is transformed into a completely new person.

To help you become a boot camp Letter expert we’ve put together a list of some questions for you to ask when writing Letters to Navy boot camp.

1. What were your first thoughts when you got off of the bus?

2. What time do your mornings start?

3. How delicious is the chow?

4. What has been the worst thing about boot camp?

5. If you could describe boot camp in one word what would it be?

6. How many recruits are in your division?

7. What’s the name of one friend you’ve made, where are they from?

8. What are you most anxious about for Battle Stations?

9. What is one thing your division gets yelled at for the most?

10. What time do you normally get to sleep?

11. Have you been given a nickname?

12. Is there anyone in your division not receiving mail that I can write to?

13. Has it been hard to make your bunk perfectly?

14. What have you liked best about boot camp?

15. What has firefighting training been like?

16. Which type of ship at sea would you most like to be on?

17. What has been the funniest thing your RDC has said this week?

18. What’s the best advice you have received at boot camp?

19. After A-School would you prefer to be sent on land or at sea?

20. What is the dumbest thing you have seen or heard another recruit do?

21. Has boot camp been what you expected it to be?

22. What is your wish list of bases you would like to be stationed at?

23. What’s the first thing you want to do after graduation?

24. What homemade/fast food meal do you miss the most?

25. Are you proud of yourself? (You should be!)

Your Letters to your recruit don’t need to be long and they don’t need to be fancy.  What’s important is that you’re sending mail to support them through this journey.

Sending Letters via the Sandboxx app, will get your message and photos into your recruit’s hands within a couple of days (we overnight your Letters directly to the ship). We also include a return envelope with every Sandboxx Letter so your loved one can write you back!

Ready to send your first Letter to Navy boot camp?

Send your first letter to Navy boot camp with the Sandboxx app, write your message, include a photo and hit send. Save and attach our week one image below to give your recruit motivation for their first week at Navy boot camp.

Learn more about how your Sandboxx Letter gets delivered.


Want to know more about what’s happening at Navy boot camp?

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  1. Where do I find out which ship number my son is on? He just left yesterday. Is there a time period that I can’t write him?

    1. Hi, Nichole. You will have to wait until your recruit sends a letter home with their address or you receive a commander’s letter home. That also should include the address. If you know your son’s recruiter, you can try to reach out to him to see if he might have any address information. We hope this helps.

    1. Hi Zelina,

      You can send holiday cards if your recruit is at Great Lakes during the holidays. If you plan on using Sandboxx to send a Letter here’s the Sandboxx delivery schedule for basic training mailrooms over the holiday season:

      Otherwise, it may take a few days to get to your recruit depending on the USPS holiday delivery schedule.

      Happy Holidays!

    1. Anita,

      You might have to wait until you receive your recruit’s mailing address information from your recruit. They should send home information within the first couple of weeks of boot camp. Sorry, we can’t provide more information, we wish your recruit the best of luck!

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