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Below are the Battalion names, their start dates and their graduation dates.

Battalion Pick Up Date Graduation Date Booking Link
 3-34 January 22nd, 2018  March 29th, 2018 Reserve Now
 2-60 January 29th, 2018  April 5th, 2018 Reserve Now
 1-13 February 5th, 2018 April 12th, 2018 Reserve Now
 3-39 February 12th, 2018  April 19th, 2018 Reserve Now
 2-39 February 20th, 2018  April 26th, 2018 Reserve Now
 3-60 February 26th, 2018  May 3rd, 2018 Reserve Now
 4-39 March 5th, 2018  May 10th, 2018 Reserve Now
 3-13 March 12th, 2018  May 17th, 2018 Reserve Now
 1-34 March 26th, 2018  May 31st, 2018 Reserve Now
 2-13 April 2nd, 2018  June 7th, 2018 Reserve Now
 1-61 April 9th, 2018  June 14th, 2018 Reserve Now
 3-34 April 16th, 2018  June 21st, 2018 Reserve Now
 2-60 April 30th, 2018  July 5th, 2018 Reserve Now 
 1-13 May 7th, 2018  July 12th, 2018 Reserve Now
 3-39 May 14th, 2018  July 19th, 2018 Reserve Now

These dates are correct as of March 12th, graduation dates may vary due to unforeseen and unpredictable events during training. Keep in contact with your recruit and their company for the most accurate graduation date information.

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