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Fort Jackson Graduation Dates (2019) – Plan Your Trip

Whether your trainee just left for basic training or is nearing the end, graduation will be here before you know it. Below, you’ll find Fort Jackson graduation dates and more to help you begin planning your trip to see your soon-to-be Soldier.

Where is Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson is located in Columbia, South Carolina. There are three common airports that families will fly into for Graduation day festivities:

  1. Columbia Metropolitan (CAE) 25 minutes away from Fort Jackson
  2. Augusta Regional Airport, GA (AGS) 1 ½ hours to Fort Jackson
  3. Charlotte International, NC (CLT) 1hr 45minutes away from Fort Jackson

Hotels For Graduation

There are many hotels on and around the base for you to stay in, and is recommended to book your hotels in as much advance as possible, as vacancy fills up fast. When booking your travel plans, try to make sure your reservations can be refunded as 10% of trainees will not graduate on time.

Booking your flight and hotel with Sandboxx Travel is easy. Let our team of military travel experts make sure to take all the worrying out of planning so that you can focus on supporting your SIT through this journey.null

Fort Jackson Graduation Dates 2019

BattalionFort Jackson Start DateFort Jackson Graduation Date
2-13 INApr-1-2019Jun-6-2019
1-61 INApr-8-2019Jun-13-2019
3-34 INApr-15-2019Jun-20-2019
2-60 INApr-22-2019Jun-27-2019
1-13 INMay-6-2019Jul-11-2019
3-39 INMay-13-2019Jul-18-2019
2-39 INMay-20-2019Jul-25-2019
3-60 INMay-28-2019Aug-1-2019
4-39 INJun-3-2019Aug-8-2019
3-13 INJun-10-2019Aug-15-2019
1-34 INJun-17-2019Aug-22-2019
2-13 INJun-24-2019Aug-29-2019
1-61 INJul-1-2019Sep-5-2019
3-34 INJul-8-2019Sep-12-2019
2-60 INJul-15-2019Sep-19-2019
1-13 INJul-29-2019Oct-3-2019
3-39 INAug-5-2019Oct-10-2019
2-39 INAug-12-2019Oct-7-2019
3-60 INAug-19-2019Oct-24-2019
4-39 INAug-26-2019Oct-31-2019
3-13 INSep-3-2019Nov-7-2019
1-34 INSep-9-2019Nov-14-2019
2-13 INSep-16-2019Nov-21-2019
1-61 INSep-23-2019Nov-28-2019
3-34 INSep-30-2019Dec-5-2019

Please confirm travel dates with your Soldier before booking travel.  Dates are subject to change. Also note that Battalion names repeat and you can confirm you are selecting the correct battalion by referencing the Pick Up Date.


  1. The grad date for 2-60 is incorrect. Ft. Jackson says it’s on July 3rd. And family day is July 2nd.

    1. Hi, Michelle. Thank you for making us aware of this information. We will make sure to update our information as soon as possible. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

      1. I would like to confirm 3-13 grad date I need to get my tickets early and request off from work

      2. How do you find out about the Ft leonarwood Missouri basic training graduation,,, NATIONAL GUARDS

      3. Do you know the address for Fort Jackson. I am an enlisted soldier who will be starting BCT there August 19th

      4. Hi Ethan:

        The address to Fort Jackson and the address where you will receive mail are different. You won;t get your mailing address until reception week when you get assigned to your company and platoon.

    2. What is usually our kids’ schedule please? as I understand if the graduation day is 7/11, the family day will be 7/10, is it correct? Can they get out of the base? and when?

      1. Hi Phuong:

        Both Family Day and Graduation start at 9am eastern, Your trainee will not be able to leave the base on Family Day. After graduation they can go off base within a few mile radius. If you have more questions, just click the chat bubble in the Sandboxx app or email

  2. So are you saying that this date is wrong for 2-60 July 2 & July 3 ..or is this the date that it has been changed to please let me know

    1. Hi, Tonya. The date has been updated to reflect that Family Day is on July 2nd and Graduation is July 3rd. We hope this helps. For further assistance, please reach out to Have a great day!

  3. To arrive for the family and graduation day for Battlion 1-13
    Pick up date 05/ 07/2018
    Graduation 07/12/2018
    I cannot find a pass to enter fort Jackson for the dates above

    Kindly help out

  4. I got 1 question wrong on the quiz, Can your soldier go home with you after graduation? I said yes and missed it. My son is in fact coming home with me after graduation. He will come home to finish high school. Thanks

    1. Hi, Lillie. We’re sorry about that. Most soldiers do go straight from Recruit Graduation to AIT but it’s not always the case, as you have mentioned, above. Thank you for the clarification. Have a great day.

  5. Battalion 4-39
    Pick up date May/29/18
    I don’t the exact date/time and where?
    I need info help!

    1. Good morning, Sharen. We show that the 4-39th picked up on June 4th and will be graduating on August 9th. Here’s a helpful link to all things Ft. Jackson. We hope this helps. For more detailed assistance, please email us at Have a great day!

      1. I am unable to register for a pass for the 4-39 events for my son? The Fort Jackson Events page does not have it listed….

  6. I am so new at this and i really dont understand nothing please help me out….i need help….to much to cope with this…

  7. Are we supposed to go to fort Jackson to pick up our recruit or do they fly them back home.

    1. Good morning, Christy. The soldiers will have to go to AIT after basic. The Army gets them to AIT. If they are high school students going home before AIT so they can graduate then the families have to get them home. For more detailed assistance, please email us at We hope this helps.

  8. My granddaughter graduates August 26th. Her AIT is in Vieginia so we hope to maybe drive her there. What time will out processing likely be complete on 17th??

    1. Hi, Susan. Your SIT has to make the request to command to get the go ahead for family to drive them to AIT. Also your SIT MUST be to AIT no later than 5:00 p.m Friday evening. We hope this helps.

      1. Hi Gail:

        That link is no longer active as passes are no longer needed for Fort Jackson. All you need is a valid, state issued photo ID like a drivers license on Family Day and Graduation. Hope that helps!

  9. We applied for graduation passes a while back and have not received anything yet. Should I worry or does it usually take a while to get them. We did receive an email right after filling out the request saying that our request was received but nothing since then. What should I do?

  10. Good Morning… My step-son’s pick up date was suppose to be June18/19. However, it was delayed due to weather. He is in B Company/ 3rd Platoon (MISFITS) 1st BN 61ST REGT 165th IN BDE. Looking at the graduation dates posted, is his still graduation date September 6th even though the pick up date is different?

  11. Hello ,,I would like to register for the pass for fam day @graduation jehhhh🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🌺🌺

  12. Hi.

    Could you verify the graduation date for 3-60th? I don’t want to travel n make reservation without confirmation.


  13. Yes ma’am. But don’t worry you can still attend. Just make sure everyone attending has state issued photo ID for entrance onto Fort Jackson.

  14. Yes ma’am. But don’t worry you can still attend. Just make sure everyone attending has state issued photo ID for entrance onto Fort Jackson.

  15. So I know that my son’s family day is December 17th and Graduation will be on December 18th, I am flying in and I am wondering of you can tell me what time the Graduation is so that I can schedule my fligh accordingly?

  16. Does anyone know when family day and graduation day are for 2nd PLT Sheep Dogs 3-39? Need to request time off and make reservations to attend. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Carmella:

      The 3-39 has its Family Day on January 16 and Graduation is January 17, 2019. Hope that helps!

  17. Hi, my SIT left on 03/04 and said that graduation is on the 16th of May but the above list says different. Help.

      1. Better yet. Can you go into the app and click on the Chat Bubble on the Home Page of the app. Our Fort Jackson Specialist, Tina, would be happy to assist you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. is their anyway i can find out if my daughter is graduating ? she is in the a company, 2-60th inf reg. 193rd in bde 1st platoon, war demon. name is Castro, Brianna L.

    1. Hi, Mark. Please go into the app and click on the Chat Bubble of the Home Page for more detailed assistance. Thanks for letting us be a part of your military journey.

  19. Hi. I am trying to get confirmation on the graduation date for the 3rd Battalion, 60th Inf. Reg., 2nd Platoon. I would also like to know if there is a number that I can call to inquire about where to go when we arrive there. Any info. will be appreciated. (My son arrived there on 2/20/19, but his training did not start until 2/25/19.) Thank you. Leonard, Leslie V.

    1. Hi Leslie….your son graduates May 2nd. There isn’t a number to call but if you message in to and ask for me (Tina) I can give you all of the grad info for Fort Jackson…times, gates to enter by, etc.

  20. I would like to confirm 3rd BN 39th INF REG grad date I need to get my tickets early and request off from work

    1. The 3-39 picked up on May 13 and graduates July 18th. Family Day would be July 17th!

    1. Hi David:

      If he starts July 15th, his graduation. Family Day is Sept 18th and Graduation is September 19th

  21. Could you tell me what my boyfriend family day is and graduation day is if he shipped out on May 28th?

    1. Hi Jessica:
      If he is in the 3-60 his Family Day is July 31 and graduation is August 1. If he is in the 4-39 it would be August 7th and 8th!

  22. Our son just shipped out today for Fort Jackson and is suppose to start BCT next Monday the 10th. If basic is truly 10 weeks long then shouldn’t his graduation be on 15 August? You show above that if he shipped on 3 June then graduation would be on 8 August, confused as we already booked flights and lodging for the week of the 15th.

    1. Hi, Bruce. Sorry for the delayed response. Please go into the app and click on the Chat Bubble on the Home Page of the app. One of our Customer Happiness Team Members would be happy to help.

  23. I left a post yesterday, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Not sure if it went through.
    This is in reference your 2019 Graduation Schedule listed above, it states that a Ship Date of 3 Jun would graduate on 8 Aug. According to the sheet from the recruiters for my son his Ship Date is 3 Jun & his BCT Start Date is 10 Jun, it also states that BCT will be 9 weeks & 4 days which works out to the 15th of Aug for graduation. It also shows his Start Date for AIT on 19 Aug which would make sense if he graduates on Thursday the week prior. I can’t believe they would give the kids a whole week off before starting AIT. Bottom-line, I need to know if I totally messed up the timeframe or if your schedule above is wrong???

    1. Hi, Bruce. Sorry for the delay in our response. Could you please go into the app and click on the Chat Bubble on the Home Page of the app for more detailed assistance. We’d love to help.

    2. Hey Bruce: When we say “ship date” we mean the date they start basic training. If your son starts BCT on 6/10 he shipped to get to reception on 6/3 (confusing I know). It’s also best to go by battalion for the correct grad date. In your case it looks like your son is in the 3-13 whose grad date is 8/15. Please contact us at to confirm battalion so we can confirm your date!

  24. My son just shipped to Fort Jackson for Basic training for Army Reserves. Can you please let me know what day the family and graduation day will be?

    1. Hi, Michele. For more detailed assistance, please go into the app and click on the Chat Bubble on the Home Page. One of our Customer Happiness Team Members would be happy to help.

  25. Hi my child graduating ft Jackson on July 18 2019 is this correct and what time for it and family day and how do I get pass to attend

    1. Hi Latonya:

      Family Day and graduation both start at 9am. You don’t need a special pass to attend. Just make sure everyone attending has a state issued photo ID like a drivers license. And if you’re driving your car’s registration and proof of insurance (or the rental car agreement) are needed to enter the base on those day!

  26. Hello! Our son is going to Ft Jackson Reception Oct. 7 2019 and Pick Up Oct. 15 2019 (which is a Tuesday due to the Monday Columbus Day Holiday). I think Family Day is Dec. 18th and Graduation Dec. 19th BUT I don’t know if these dates will be delayed due to Army National Guard Christmas Break. I have to put in vacation days very early. Thank you for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Peggy:

      AS of today’s date, Fort Jackson has only released the graduation dates for pick up dates through September 30th. There is always a two week Victory Block Leave for all trainees to go home for the holidays that pushes the graduation date so keep that in mind. And check back with our Team in Customer Happiness at for updates as they get to us!

  27. When do we order passes for graduation and where do we go? I have managed to figure out all the other info. Our recruit won’t graduate until August 15th. I am not a last minute person so I have booked everything all ready, I think the passes are all that’s left. Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

    1. No passes are necessary for attendance at Fort Jackson Family Day and Graduation. All you need is a state issued photo ID for each person attending. If you are driving your own vehicle, you will need the registration and proof of insurance, If it’s a rental vehicle, the rental agreement is needed. Hope that helps!

  28. Hello my son just shipped out yesterday already looking forward to family day and graduation, have the dates been planned that far ahead? He will also be in AIT during Xmas holiday are we responsible for getting him home?

    1. Hey Darell:

      Can you contact our Happiness Team by clicking the chat bubble in the app or emailing them at We will need a few details from you like your son’s battalion, etc. to help answer these questions!

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