Prepare For Boot Camp: Workout with Former Marine Corps Drill Instructor

If you’ve made the commitment to join the military, you have successfully completed the first step of your journey. Next, you will want to prepare for boot camp to ensure that you are mentally and physically ready.

Regardless of what branch of the military you plan on joining, each will require you to pass some sort of Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to ensure that you are capable of completing your duties that are expected of you. Whether you already live an active lifestyle or not this series of weekly workouts will help prepare you for the physical demands that will be required of you at boot camp.

Now, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Don and I’m from a small town called Nacogdoches, known as the oldest town in Texas. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005, following in the footsteps of my father. I have several awards including two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals, combat action ribbon, and three Good Conduct Medals from my time in the Marines. I’ve vacationed multiple times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was honorably discharged as a Sergeant from Parris Island, where I was a Drill Instructor for over two years.

To receive your weekly workouts, from me, to help prepare you for boot camp you can download the Sandboxx app (for free). Once you create an account you will receive weekly in-app messages from me with workouts leading up to your ship date.

Time to kick off the workout. The thought of the day comes from General Ulysses S. Grant.

“One of my superstitions had always been when I started to go anywhere, or to do anything, not to turn back, or stop until the thing intended was accomplished.”

Let that thought be in the back of your mind while winning today’s battles.


1/4 mile run
at 40-50% effort

for 15 yards x 2

for 15 yards x 2

for 15 yards x 2(turn other direction for 2nd time)

Donkey Kicks
for 15 yards x 2

for 10 yards x 2


Push-up Burpee Pyramid
1 push-up, burpee, 2 push-ups, burpee, 3 push-ups, burpee, 4 push-ups, burpee.
Repeat until you reach 10 push-ups.
Then go back down to 1 push-up ensuring a burpee between each set of push-ups.

Lunge with a twist
20 yards x 5
(If right leg is forward twist to the left, and left leg is forward twist to the right.)

Do your max set of pull-ups.
Then take that number and cut it in half.
Do that half # for 3 sets.

100 yard build up sprints
0-20 yards at 40% effort
20-40 yards at 60%
40-60 yards at 75%
60-80 at 90%
80-100 at 100%
Repeat 5 times.


Walking Carioca Stretch
(really focus on opening up the hips)

Hamstring Stretch
2 sets of 30 secs

Seated Lower Back Twist
2 sets of 30 secs each side

Quadricep Stretch
2 sets of 30 secs

Calf Stretch
2 sets of 30 secs

Chest Stretch
2 sets of 30 secs

To make it easier for you to complete this workout we’ve put together a downloadable version so that you can save this workout to your phone and have it when you need it.

Tap the images below and hold down to save the three images on your phone to help you prepare for boot camp.

In the quote above General Grant shows an attitude that can help you navigate through the hard times in your life. Whether that is work related, home life related, or fitness related. That idea that always moving forward until you reach your goal gives you a sense of direction. That direction can help block out the negative parts with sheer focus. I think Gen. Grant is trying to tell us that if we can just focus on the path to the end of whatever it is our goal is and not look back, we have a good shot of reaching it.

Don’t think about how much you are hurting in the middle of the workout, think about how the accomplishment will feel in the end. Make sure to come check back next week for week two of preparing for boot camp or sign up for the Sandboxx app, free, create your account and receive the workouts in-app.


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    1. Good morning, Kathleen. They are required to eat anything they receive in the mail that day. They can not store and save them for a later date. You can send enough protein bars for enough in the platoon and that is okay. Platoons vary in size so you would have to find that information out from your recruit or their recruiter. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

      1. Hi, Susan. Packages are allowed but you want to make sure to keep it small with items they would only need for boot camp. Stationery, envelopes, stamps, bathroom items like shavers, etc. are things that would be a good care package for your recruit. No candy or home baked goods or anything that will draw unnecessary attention to your recruit. We hope this helps. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

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