Send Your First Letter to Coast Guard Boot Camp

Your recruit is officially beginning their journey to becoming a United States Coast Guardsman. Over the next eight weeks during Coast Guard boot camp your recruit will be pushed beyond their limits and, if successful, transition into one of our nation’s finest: a Coast Guardsman. Mental and physical exhaustion will become a norm as the loved one you said goodbye to is transformed into a completely new person.

By sending a Letter via the Sandboxx app, your message and photos will be in your recruit’s hands within a couple of days. We also include a return envelope with every Sandboxx Letter so your loved one can write you back!

When your recruit is going through one of the toughest challenges of their lives, you want to be there for and support them to the best of your ability. Letters can help you do that, and Sandboxx app gets them to your loved one as quickly as possible.

Ready to send your first Letter?

Send your first letter to your recruit with the Sandboxx app, write your message, include a photo and hit send. Save and attach our week one image below to give your recruit motivation for their first week at Coast Guard boot camp.


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Author: Brian at Sandboxx

I have long-standing military roots through my family, as my grandfather served in the Army as a pediatrician. Since then, I’ve become more actively involved with the military community thanks to my fiancé and partner of over six years, who is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, where he serves as a pediatric cardiologist. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Sandboxx team so that I can give back to such an important community and group of people.

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