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Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation: MCRD San Diego


Preparing for Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation at MCRD San Diego can be very exciting! To make sure you have the most up-to-date information possible, we’ve got all you need to know about family day and graduation at MCRD San Diego.

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MCRD San Diego Graduation Dates 2019

MCRD San Diego Ship DateMCRD San Diego Graduation Date

MCRD San Diego Family Day

Family Day starts early the day prior to graduation with an optional breakfast from 6:00-9:00am followed by the famous Motivational Run (no, you don’t have to run!) at 9:30am.  

During Family Day, you will get the opportunity to learn more about what your Marine experienced during the 12 weeks of boot camp through tours and Command briefs. During the day your Marine will escort you around the base showing you where they trained (ok, did pushups and got yelled at).

Sandboxx Tip: To avoid accidental knife-handing by your Marine, stay on their left side so they are free to salute with their right hand when passing higher-ranking Marines on base.

MCRD San Diego Family Day Schedule of Events

Family Day EventTime
Welcome Orientation8:30 AM
Drill Instructor’s Brief9:00 AM
Motivational Run9:30 AM
Marine Corps 10110:30 AM
Company Commander’s Brief11:30 AM
Liberty Formation12:00 PM
End of Liberty5:00PM

View the full schedule for MCRD San Diego Family Day.

Sandboxx Tip: Try to get to the gate no later than 8am to help ensure that you get a good spot for the Motivational Run (the first time you’ll see your new Marine). 

Before Family day families have the opportunity to attend the Family Meet & Greet dinner held the evening prior, starting at 6pm. The dinner is held on base at The Bayview Restaurant and allows you to meet the recruit’s drill instructors as well as other family members.

You must register for this event, and and it usually sells out quickly. All family and friends are allowed to attend. Sorry, your recruit will not be present at this dinner.


MCRD San Diego Graduation Schedule

So what time does Marine boot camp graduation start? The graduation ceremony won’t begin until 10 am, but there are a few events leading up to the ceremony that we highly recommend you take part in.

Graduation Day Schedule of Events

Graduation Day EventTime
Morning Colors Flag Raising Ceremony8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Graduation Seating8:30 AM – 9:45 AM
Graduation Ceremony10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Lunch Service11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

View the full MCRD San Diego Graduation Schedule.                                            View the MCRD San Diego Map.

Graduation day is filled with a lot of emotions and will be a day you and your new Marine will remember forever. Families from all over the country will have traveled to attend graduation, so expect a big crowd, and don’t forget to arrive at official events on the early side.

Sandboxx Tip: Seating is divided by Platoon in bleachers, arrive early if you want to secure good seats. 


MCRD San Diego Graduation Dress Code

Are you wondering what to wear to a Marine boot camp graduation? Clothing can be casual for each day and there is no dress code. A majority of families will wear custom t-shirts on graduation day that display their Marine’s name and platoon number. We recommend that you have a sweater or jacket for outside in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

See our complete packing list for Marine Graduation.

The feeling you get when you see your New Marine for the first time will be more than you could ever imagine. It is truly a special day and time to enjoy and celebrate with your Marine and family. There are many other questions you probably have, so please reach out to our Sandboxx Travel Team and ask away.

Happy travels, and congrats to you and your soon-to-be new Marine!


  1. Is there a way we could get a schedule for San Diego’s graduation day, the link shows Parris Island when you click on it.

    Also, is there anywhere I could rent a motorized wheelchair while I am at family day and graduation? I’m unable to walk or stand more than a few minutes.

    1. Kim, we just updated the graduation schedule link so the pdf should show the San Diego Schedule. MCRD San Diego does not rent wheelchairs on base, unfortunately we are unaware of any rental options near the base.

      1. Hello Brian. Thank you for the information and I have one more question when and how do we register for the meet n greet dinner?? We don’t want to miss out. Thank you Anna

      2. Good morning, Anna. Sorry for the delayed response. We hope you’ve found your answer already about the Meet ‘n Greet Dinner but just in case you haven’t here’s a link that may help, For any further inquiries please reach out to our customer support team at Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

    2. Hello this is Bonnie Kerr My son Joshua B Kerr is in boot camp and will graduate on November 16th 2018. I am deaf and I will need you to provide me an interpreter for the deaf in sign language please. Is family day on Thursday?

    3. For the family meet and greet dinner. Were can you register for the event, because it say fill up fast. I have 5 people need to register. So this event happen on 23. @6pm?

    1. Good morning, Angela. Sorry for our delayed response. We hope you have your answer to your question, but just in case you haven’t, there is no limit to how many family members can attend graduation. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

  2. My son called to talk about flights. My daughter booked us all flights including 1 home for him earlier that same day. So did he for himself. I imagine it came out of his money. So now is he able to get his money back, seeing as ours for him is unreturnable? Brenda samion

    1. Good afternoon, Brenda. Sorry for the delayed response. We’re hoping you have gotten your answer already, but just in case you haven’t, please reach out to our Customer Support Travel Team. Here’s a link to get you started. Just click on the Chat button in the bottom right corner and someone will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

  3. I have a problem can’t find out what happened to an email note to my Grandson,Alexander Tilden. I sent 2 on the 8th I think. It looks as if only 1 went through but I was charged for 2. Can you help me.

    1. Good morning, Mary Jane. We’re sorry to hear that. Our customer support team would love to assist you. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns you have. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

    1. Good morning, Annette. Thank you for your question. You absolutely can use SANDBOXX Travel to get your recruit back to Camp Pendleton or any follow-on-schooling. Here’s a link to get you started. If you have any questions during the process you can click on the link in the bottom right corner of the screen and someone will assist you as soon as they can. Our travel hours are: Travel Reservations Hours: 8am-5pm est (M-F) Customer Service Hours: 8am-10pm est (M-F). Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

      1. I’m not the person you sent this to. I wrote to see what happened withe the 2 letters I sent to Alexander Tilden in boot camp, a week ago. I wonder if he got them both.

      2. Sorry for the mistake, Mary Jane. Please reach out to our customer support team at We would love to help you with your question. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

    2. Good morning, Annette. Thank you for your question. You absolutely can use SANDBOXX Travel to get your recruit back to Camp Pendleton or any follow-on-schooling. Here’s a link to get you started. If you have any questions during the process you can click on the link in the bottom right corner of the screen and someone will assist you as soon as they can. Our travel hours are: Travel Reservations Hours: 8am-5pm est (M-F) Customer Service Hours: 8am-10pm est (M-F). Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

  4. Good afternoon, we are planning our trip for graduation and would like to know if we would be able to stay on the beach in a camper? We love the outdoors and being from Alaska we would love to experience camping on the beach. If this is possible to do could you send me information on this?
    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    1. Good afternoon, Catherine. We don’t have any information on your interest in camping on the beach. We hope you’re able to find some information on this before your recruit’s graduation. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

  5. I have my parents in wheelchairs and I saw we may have access to a van on base. When I tried to call the number I could not figure out who to talk to. My son’s graduation is Feb 2. Can I reserve a cart? What direct number is that. Thank you so much.

    1. Good afternoon, Cynthia. Thank you for your question. Wheelchairs and golf carts are not available at MCRD San Diego for Family Days and Graduations.

  6. Question… my recruits name is mispelled and platoon number is wrong on Sandboxx. How do we get that fixed?

  7. Just would like to confirm…food (picnics) ARE ALLOWED on base? We have two celiac family members that will be along. I’m guessing there aren’t many options for GF…so I will be packing a picnic for all! Terrific news!

    1. Good morning, Kendell. Yes, there are picnic areas for you to provide your own lunches. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

    1. Hi, Pedro. The only time family and friends can see the recruit is the week he graduates on Thursday during Family Day and after he graduates on Friday. We hope this helps. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

  8. Hello, my boyfriends graduation is this Friday and I am taking my own personal car. The car title is in my sisters name, but the car insurance is in my name. Would I still be let in?

    1. Hi, Serena. We recommend reaching out to the Provost Marshall’s Office (PMO) to get the most accurate answer to your question. Here’s the link to get PMO’s number. Scroll down to the bottom until you find their number and give them a call for further detailed assistance. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

  9. We attended the Boot Camp graduation on June 1. It was a really nice event but it would’ve been better to hear the music from the Marine Corps band. The music adds so much inspiration to what is happening and it was not audible at all. It
    needs to be plugged into the PA system or at least the band needs to be in the middle of the parade grounds and the ceremony. We could not hear anything. So much of the spiritual part of the program was lost because no one could hear the band. I just think that music is such an important feature in any occasion that it needs to be heard. I have known the well versed Marine Corps hymn since I was a child and was unable to sing out the words because we could not hear the music. Other than that it was a lovely event.
    The Marine Corps dress uniform is the best looking one in the military. We really enjoyed the family day as well.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. It depends on what Battalion your recruit is with. 1st Battalion wears red, 2nd Battalion wears yellow, 3rd Battalion wears blue. We hope this helps.

    2. You might want to look up the company colors for your recruit’s battalion. 1st Battalion wears red, 2nd Battalion wears yellow, 3rd Battalion wears blue.

    1. Hi, Judith. Platoon 2111 means he’s in 2nd Battalion and 2nd Battalion’s color is yellow. For any further assistance, please email our Customer Happiness Team at Have a great day.

    1. Hi, Emily. Your recruit is responsible for his own transportation home and to his follow on schooling when he graduates. You can purchase his ticket for him but we would recommend that you make sure to communicate that to him in a letter before he makes his purchase on his own. We hope this helps.

  10. I’m really interested in buying a graduation video offered by the MCRD can anyone please tell me what number I need to call to order one thank you very much

    1. Hi, Miki. There are no tickets required to attend Family Day/Grad Day events. You just need to register at the Visitor Center once you arrive. We hope this helps.

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