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Keeping Military Families Connected & Comforted with Sandboxx + ZZZ Bears

Sandboxx is helping families stay connected & comforted with ZZZ Bears, military teddy bears that protect children as they sleep from bad dreams, fear of the dark, monsters under the bed and more!

This month, ZZZ Bears is offering a special Sandboxx discount of 15%! Simply enter code “Sandboxx” during checkout.

About ZZZ Bears: Sgt. Sleeptight is an all-natural sleep aid – a cute, cuddly teddy bear in uniform – that solves a universal problem for parents: getting children with nighttime anxieties to sleep. Putting Sgt. Sleeptight on duty before bed will quickly become a nightly routine that puts both parents and children at ease.

Sailor Sleeptight in Navy Digital Blue Working Uniform

ZZZ Bears is part of a military-grade sleep system that includes:

  1. One tough, but very soft and cuddly, teddy bear (ZZZ Bears are available in 5 military uniforms) 
  2. A door hang to let monsters and other “bad guys” know that this room is protected by Sgt. Sleeptight;
  3. A “sleeptight oath” that parents and children read before bed that officially puts the bear on duty;
  4. And shiny stickers shaped like military commendation medals awarded to children who sleep through the night.

It may be the perfect solution for you and your little one, whether a parent or loved one is deployed or not.

The Marine Bear in Woodland Green Camouflage

ZZZ Bears proudly support military families in need through two partnerships: TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) and the Fisher House Foundation. Every month, ZZZ Bears also sends Sgt. Sleeptight teddy bears to children who have recently lost a parent in the line of duty.

“We’re honored to be working with SANDBOXX to help military families stay connected and comforted during difficult periods of separation,” says Justin Baum, CEO of ZZZ Bears.


Make sure to check them out here and get ready to deploy Sgt. Sleeptight to your home today! Don’t forget include the SANDBOXX discount of 15% by entering code “Sandboxx” during checkout.

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