Boot Camp Letter Ideas: Pictures to Send in your Letter

Whether your service member is deployed or in basic training, communicating through letters helps keep their spirits high! When sending your letters of support to those in training, including a photo is any easy addition. Recruits are allowed to have pictures of their loved ones, in fact, they may be allowed to hang one or two on the outside of their locker [The details of this are definitely subject to the opinions of each Drill Sergeant]. Include a photo from of home, family, friends, or motivational photos or quotes See our examples below of our boot camp Letter ideas for pictures to send your loved one.


The Sandboxx app streamlines the whole process of sending Letters to your recruit and allows you to become the ultimate support system. You can be anywhere, take a fun photo, and with a few taps, have your letter written and on its way within a few minutes. Learn more on how your Sandboxx Letter gets delivered or start sending Letters to your recruit with the Sandboxx app. To include an image below, Copy + Save the images to your photo album.

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      1. My nephew is in San Diego. He left November 13th and till this date haven’t seen a picture of him, I’ve seen of his company. I wish I can at least see pictures of him or about them where I can spy him in the back or something. His With hotel company…

      2. I would like to know if we have letters left from the package we purchased. Can we used them later on when our son is no longer in Boot camp? Will I be able to change or update their new address?

    1. My son is on Parris island and I joined a page for the week when my son left and they are always posting great information and pictures. You should join it.

  1. My son is on echo company he is on camp Pendleton right now I’m wondering how he’s doing because I didn’t receive letter from him on about two weeks I hope he’s doing good I want to receive a letter from him

    1. Leticia, we are sorry to hear that you haven’t heard from your Recruit yet. The first two weeks are on average very busy for recruits and they do not always have enough time to write letters home. We hope you hear from him soon!

  2. Hi I am the Grandmother and here too is the Mother of Prv. Turhon White we have been sending text and Sandbox letters we have not hear from PRV. Turho White but once since going to weapons training near Camp lujune in North Carolina. No phone call or letters would like to know how he is doing. Thanks. Concern Parents.

  3. My son left January 29th for Marine boot camp in Parris Island S.C. Would love to see some pictures of him and his company…Fox Company. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Marriette. Check out Parris Island Photography on Facebook. They share photos of the different platoons during recruit training on Parris Island. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

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