Columbus Day Mail Room Closures, 2017

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Below are the bases that will be closed with no mail delivery in observance of Columbus Day.

Parris Island, SC –  CLOSED Monday, Oct. 9th  & Tuesday Oct. 10th
San Diego, CA  –  CLOSED Monday, Oct. 9th
Camp Pendleton, CA –  CLOSED Monday, Oct. 9th  & Tuesday Oct. 10th
Lackland Air Force Base, TX –  CLOSED Monday, Oct. 9th
Fort Benning, GA  –  CLOSED Monday, Oct. 9th

To ensure your letters will be delivered before the holiday make sure to submit it TODAY by 5PM EST! Letters sent after 5pm on Thursday, will be printed and sent on Tuesday

6 Replies to “Columbus Day Mail Room Closures, 2017”

  1. Do you know why my recruit has not received any of the letters that I have sent by Sandboxx? He received one I sent by mail but I’ve sent 3 using your app and he hasn’t received any of them. Two may be too soon but the very first I wrote was Sandboxx and that’s been almost 2 weeks. He hasn’t received my husbands either which have been Sandboxx.


  2. I have a question about the McD attachment. How does my recruit get the card to use at the depot? He does have a phone or access to a computer.


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