How Does My SANDBOXX Letter Get Delivered?

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SANDBOXX Letter delivery process

As parents, family, and friends of a service member facing the biggest challenge of their life, we know how important it is to stay connected. At SANDBOXX, we employ a consistent “5-Check” process to ensure the letter you type gets delivered straight to your loved one worry-free.


STEP 1 & 2: Receiving  

As soon as you send your letter via the SANDBOXX app, we verify the address and correct any potential errors. We print the letter, and then perform a print quality check to ensure the quality of the letter and any included photos. Each letter prints with a return stamp, allowing your service member to conveniently respond without worrying about purchasing a stamp.

STEP 3 & 4: Processing 

We then fold each printed letter, using a machine that applies over 3,000 pounds of force, and sort it by company (Marines/Army), flight (Air Force), or ship (Navy). This marks our third check of the day and allows us to that ensure each base is able to quickly distribute the letters upon delivery.

STEP 5: Delivery

After we complete our last print of the day at 5 PM EST, we check over the letters again before putting them into boxes to ensure each letter is shipped to the correct destination. Each box of 1,000 letters is double sealed and then dropped off at FedEx, arriving at each base the following day. However, our job does not end there; we perform a follow-up check the following day to ensure your letter was properly delivered.

Every day, our rigorous process ensures thousands of letters get delivered securely to bases around the country. In the time it takes to write a text message, you can confidently stay connected with your service member, ensuring they stay focused on the task ahead.




SANDBOXX is a mobile app focused on connecting our military community.
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6 Replies to “How Does My SANDBOXX Letter Get Delivered?”

  1. Hi,
    My son is in Medical Hold in Lackland Airforce Base, can I use Sandboxx to get letters to him? He was suspossed to graduate Dec. 5th, now ?


  2. This seems like a great way to keep in touch with loved ones. I have one question though. I guess they can’t receive any mail at all until we get their address 10 days in?


    1. Lisa,

      You can start sending Letters as soon as you receive their address. If you don’t get that address until day 10 then you wouldn’t be able to send the Letter anywhere. We are working on ways to improve and get you addresses sooner.


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