Boot Camp Letter Ideas: Sport Updates

During basic training, recruits have little contact with the outside world, that includes not knowing how their favorite sports team is doing during the season. Sending your recruit weekly sports updates is a great way to take their mind off of the long and exhausting day/week they might have had.


Just because your recruit is at basic training doesn’t mean they should miss out on all things football! Keep your recruit updated throughout the season with weekly updates on their favorite team.

Click the image of your recruit’s favorite NFL team below to save it to your device. Then, attach and send your NFL team graphic with your score/game updates, and who they are playing for the week.

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  1. I attached a gift card , not exactly sure what he needs it for or how he can use it but I did so anyway . Can you give me some feed back ?

    1. Hi Veronica: The gift cards can be used at the Exchange, which is the on-base store. Your recruit can buy any essentials he or she needs there, from soap and shampoo to socks and underwear…hope this helps.

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