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1.  Select your recruits graduation date for  MCRD Parris Island
2. Click to reserve and book your hotel trip

Below are the pickup dates, graduation dates and the link needed to pick your hotel for Parris Island graduation.

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All graduation dates are correct at the time of writing. All graduation dates are subject to change so please keep in contact with your recruit regarding travel plans. Special notice should be given to graduation dates that fall during public holidays which are marked in italics.

PI 1

Parris Island, SC Graduation Dates:

Company Ship Dates Between Graduation Date Booking Link
Alpha August 13th – August 18th November 9th, 2018 Reserve Now
Echo and November August 20th – August 25th November 16th, 2018 Reserve Now
India August 27th – September 1st November 21st, 2018 Reserve Now
Bravo and Oscar September 4th – September 8th November 30th, 2018 Reserve Now
Foxtrot and Papa September 10th – September 14th December 7th, 2018 Reserve Now
Kilo and November September 17th – September 21st December 14th, 2018 Reserve Now
Charlie and Oscar October 9th – October 13th January 4th, 2018 Reserve Now
Golf October 15th – October 19th January 11th, 2018 Reserve Now

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15 thoughts

  1. When should I book the hotel for June 1st graduation? I would assume I have time but want to make sure I get what I need. May you also share pricing estimates for hotel stay for three nights so I can prepare?

  2. I think my son will graduate June 15..I’m not sure. He is in Delta Co. 1st Platoon. If anyone knows please let me know. I need to get my booking done for Me and five other people. Needing prices and dates. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi, Denise. You will need to wait until your recruit has been assigned to a new platoon and then find out the Graduation Date for that Company and Platoon before you can schedule your Graduation Travel Plans. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

  3. My sons pickup and graduation date aren’t matching up to this list. He left May 28th, and I was told, and am still being told, his graduation date is August 24th. He’s Bravo Co, 1st RTBN

    1. Hi, Heather. Yes, your recruit should graduate on Aug. 24th. The shipping week does not count towards the 12 weeks of boot camp training. The first week starts after they’ve been picked up with their Company and Platoon. We hope this helps.

  4. Concerned recruit parent my son was 2 weeks in we got a call telling us he he had been set back 1 week we had his company and platoon # at the time of the phone call they told us his new company name but no platoon #I have no idea how to get the new platoon # we have sent letters to his old platoon # just don’t know if he is actually getting our letters we have not heard from him at all (this is frightening )I can’t imagine what he must be feeling like we don’t care enough to send him letters but he knows better than that sorry for such a spill but his mother and I (dad) are really worried any help with this would be so much appreciated thank you in advance

  5. Hello My sons Pick up date is not listed on here. He left june 25th. Can someone please tell me the graduation date? Platoon 2073 2nd rtbn

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