Marine & Army Solider’s Embark on 150-Mile Ruck to Raise Money for Houston

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VIDEO: United States Army Veteran, Nick Bare and Marine Corps Corporal, Armando Nava will attempt a 150 Mile Ruck March from Austin, Texas to Houston Texas on September 8, 2017. Please help support Houston by donating here:

All proceeds are being given to the American Red CrossCheck out their video posts below, including a featured video by “Rated Red” documenting their journey:

Two Servicemen Embark on 150-Mile Ruck to Raise Money for Houston

As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey has left significant damage and loss to the Houston, Texas area.  Living just 150 miles away (Austin, TX) I see the effects on people and places I know well.

I felt the need to help and raise awareness. In an effort to bring more people in to help donate my good friend Armando Nava and I will be ruck marching (walking with 35 pounds) from Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas (150 MILES).  After recently leaving the Army as an Infantry Officer these walks are very familiar to me.  The march begins September 8th and I expect it to take 3 days.  We will stop to rest overnight and pick up in the morning.


“Rated Red” featured video:

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