Military Girlfriend: Etiquette Rules of Military Life

Becoming a military family means there are a few rules of etiquette of military life that every wife or girlfriend should know well. This list isn’t exhaustive, but its covers the basics of what to wear, say and do. 

1. Save gym clothes for the gym.

Avoid wearing gym clothes on base unless you are actually going to the gym. (Yes, that means you can’t run to get a cup of coffee in gym clothes, or for a quick trip to the commissary. Try to avoid wearing gym clothes on base all together.)

2. They dress classy, not trashy.

Dress with class and in a way that will reflects positively on you and your significant other. This might be an unspoken rule, but its best to keep your dress conservative and classy. For example, that goes for low cut shirts, or short shorts. Its important that your dress reflects well on your and your spouse. Whether you’re walking around base, or attending a formal dance, at any occasion you can often encounter a lot of important people (such as high ranking officers & their wives) and looking presentable is important.


Etiquette Rules of Military Life: #2 They dress classy, not trashy

3. Remember to show respect while the National Anthem is playing

The moment you hear colors or see the raining the flag, its important that you stop what you are doing and and face the flag and place your hand over your heart. 

4. When your service member is in uniform, you save any PDA for later. 

Don’t try on a service members uniform …take a selfie and post on social media. Service member uniforms should be ONLY be worn by the man or women who earned it. This is considered very disrespectful. This also goes for PT gear, adhere from wearing any of your significant others PT clothing at the gym. 


When your service member is in uniform, you save any PDA for later.

5. Avoid talking about politics, sex and religion

 This is good rule for military life, and everywhere else.

6. Be aware there is no “No walk and talk rule”

All service members are strongly discouraged to walk and talk on a cell phone, or walk and eat & drink while in uniform. This is important for understanding why your significant other won’t answer his phone.

Last, but not least….

7. Learn your loved ones military ranks and how to recognize them. 


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