How long is Marine Corps Boot Camp?

Marine Corps boot camp is thirteen weeks of training at either Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD San Diego) or Marine Corp Recruit Depot Parris Island (MCRD PI).

Throughout the thirteen weeks of training recruits will be pushed mentally and physically to see if they’ve got what it takes to claim the title of United States Marine.

On these proving grounds, we reveal who has the fight in them to continue on when others quit. To dig even deeper when there’s nothing left to give. To prove the fighting spirit running through them will outlast the physical, mental and moral battles in front of them. For 12 punishing weeks, these are the battles that must be won. These are the victories that form the foundation of every Enlisted Marine.

Marine Corps boot camp training begins as soon as they step off the bus and onto the infamous yellow foot prints. The first few days are called Receiving week where they will go through in-processing. In-processing includes receiving their first haircut, going through medical, and filling out a lot of paper work. The first Friday at the Recruit Depot, also known as Black Friday, will be the first day recruits meet their Drill Instructors (DI). Here’s a glimpse of what Black Friday is like at Marine Corps boot camp.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Phase One

Phase one of training will begin the first Monday after receiving week. This is where the battle begins. Recruits will be taken out of their comfort zone’s and into a world of chaos, stress, and intensity. Marine Corps boot camp is not designed to be comfortable, and will break recruits to a point of exhaustion, doubt, and fear. The first three weeks will be filled with lots of physical activity, time in the classroom learning the history of the Marine Corps, customs and courtesies, leadership and more. Recruits will learn discipline by spending hours on close-order drill and be trained in Marine Corps Martial Arts.

As each week passes recruits will be pushed harder than they have before. They will discover what they are truly made of and find the fighting spirit within them. From week one all the way through graduation recruits will learn to importance of the Marine Corps Values; Honor, Courage and Commitment. In order to graduate from Marine Corps boot camp, recruits will have to have proved not only their knowledge and understanding of these values but will have to demonstrate and live these values. Here’s more about the importance of the Marine Corps Values.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Phase Two

By Phase two recruits will begin to learn the fundamentals of Marine Corps marksmanship. Marines set themselves a part from other branches by training every Marine to be a rifleman. Recruits will learn the basic of marksmanship so that if called upon will be combat ready. Most of phase two training is spent in the field. This will allow recruits to become more comfortable with their rifle. They will begin to gain more confidence in themselves.

All through out training recruits will begin to look forward to mail call, when they can escape the realities of boot camp for awhile and feel connected to their friends and families back home. The Sandboxx app helps get Letters to boot camp faster, increasing morale and helping recruits stay connected to their family and friends.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Phase Three

During phase three recruits will continue to be pushed mentally and physically. Recruits will learn survival combat skills through Basic Warrior Training, Learning how to maneuver under fire, navigate through the outdoors, and handle their rifles properly are just a few skills that recruits will be expected to handle. Recruits will be tested on everything they have learned during Marine Corps boot camp in order to prepare them for the last few battles they will face before they can claim the title of United States Marine. Weeks 8-10 will be the hardest part of training as recruits will have to give everything they have and more to keep pushing forward. They will have to push through exhaustion, doubt, and fear to prove that they have what it takes. At the end of phase three recruits will go through The Crucible, the final event of training that will test them on everything. The crucible is a 54-hour field event where recruits will have to complete a series of mini events. Each event will test their knowledge, perseverance,  leadership, honor, courage, and commitment. This is their defining moment. Upon successfully completing The Crucible, recruits will march their last hike as recruits as they head to the Eagle Globe and Anchor Ceremony where they are given the title of a United States Marine and take their oath.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Phase Four

Recently added to the Marine Corps boot camp training schedule phase four was developed to give new Marines mentorship and to help them have a successful career. Learn more about the fourth phase of Marine Corps boot camp.

Upon successfully completing all thirteen weeks of Marine Corps boot camp Marines will have a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family who attend graduation. Marine Corps Training Depot San Diego  and Marine Corps Training Depot Parris Island each have their own events for Family day and graduation day. After graduation Marines will be given ten days of leave until they have to report to the School of Infantry (SOI), where they will continue their training before they are sent to the fleet.

Heading to Marine Corps boot camp? Learn about what you need to know before you go.

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