What Happens After Marine Boot Camp

After Marine boot camp,  Marines will have ten days of leave to go home and get what they need before heading on to their next school for training. After their ten days of leave, newly graduated Marines will attend the School of Infantry (SOI) where they will continue their military training. Below you will find an overview of what to expect after Marine boot camp at the School of Infantry (SOI).

What is the School of Infantry (SOI)?

The School of Infantry (SOI) is where Marines go after Marine boot camp to continue their training as a Marine. The School of Infantry is divided into two different schools; Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and Marine Combat Training (MCT).

The Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of the Marine will determine what training they will go through.

Marines with an infantry or weapons system MOS (0311, 0331, 0341,0351,0352) will go to SOI – Infantry Training Battalion (ITB). Any Marines without an infantry MOS will train at SOI – Marine Combat Training (MCT). SOI is where basically trained Marines become Marine warriors.

Where is the School of Infantry (SOI)?

The School of Infantry (SOI) has two different locations; SOI West at Camp Pendleton in California and SOI East at Camp Geiger in North Carolina.

Marines that attended boot camp on the West coast at MCRD San Diego will report to SOI West at Camp Pendleton in California. All Marines who attended MCRD Parris Island for boot camp will report to SOI East at Camp Geiger in North Carolina.

How long is the School of Infantry (SOI)?

The School of Infantry ranges from five to nine weeks of training, depending on what school you attend.

How long is ITB training?

Marines attending Infantry Training Battalion(ITB) will go through nine weeks of training, before being sent to their unit or on to additional training.

How long is MCT training?

Marines attending Marine Combat Training(MCT) will go through five weeks of training, before being sent to their MOS school.

Infantry Training Battalion (ITB)

Whether attending ITB West or ITB East after marine boot camp all Marines will receive the same training. The mission of ITB is the following:

“To train and qualify Marines in entry-level infantry military occupational specialties in order to provide the Operating Forces and Reserve Component with Marines capable of conducting expeditionary combat operations.”

ITB live fire range

ITB is a nine-week course that begins with basic infantryman training. The first four weeks of ITB will train Marines on modern Marine Corps infantry tactics. During training, Marines will spend two weeks in the classroom and the other seven in the field, where they will learn to employ their assigned weapon system.

Offense and defensive operations will be carried out so that Marines can learn from different scenarios that could take place in the Operating Forces. ITB training will continue to challenge Marines mentally and physically as they will collectively hike 20 kilometers over the course of training while carrying gear up to 98 pounds.

After the first four weeks of learning basic infantry skills, Marines will split up according to their Marine Infantry MOS to receive more in-depth and hands-on application for the remainder of training.


Marines with the following infantry and weapons system MOS’s will attend SOI – Infantry Training Battalion

Rifleman – 0311
Machine gunner – 0331
Mortarman – 0341
Assaultman – 0351
Anti-tank Guided Missileman – 0352

Upon successful completion of ITB training, Marines will graduate and be sent to their unit.

ITB Marines conduct Shoot House Drills

ITB Mail

Since seven weeks of training is conducted in the field, Marines will not always have access to their phones. Family and friends are still encouraged to send Letters as a form of communication during this training. You can view the School of Infantry Mailing Address and still send and receive Letters using Sandboxx.

To see what ITB company your Marine will be attending view our SOI company and class guide.

Marine Combat Training (MCT)

For Marines who do not have an Infantry MOS, additional training will take place at MCT East and MCT West. The mission for Marine Combat Training is the following:

Marine Combat Training Battalion trains Marines to be basic combat rifleman in order to prepare them for world wide deployment in the operating forces.”


MCT is a 29 day course where Marines with a non infantry MOS will be taught common skills needed in combat. Every Marine, regardless of their MOS, is trained to be a rifleman in order to prepare them for worldwide deployment in the operating forces.

During MCT Marines will on average be working 6+ days a week that will begin at 0500 to 2100 (5am to 9pm). Towards the end of MCT training Marines will have a 48 hour in-the-field exercise, Basic Skills Retention Exercise, where all skills learned throughout training will be applied. For this exercise Marines will use an M16-A4 as they fire at targets and learn to communicate effectively within the Fleet Marine Force. This training will help build upon Marines’ confidence.


Upon successful completion of training Marines will graduate and move on to their MOS school for additional training. You can find the training locations for non-infantry MOS’s below.

USMC MOS Schools


School Location

Ammo Spec Tech- 2311 Redstone Arsenal, AL
Asslt Amphib Crewman- 1833

Assault Amphib Veh Mech- 2141

Camp Del Mar, Camp Pendleton, CA
Aircraft Maint- 6114 NAMTRA MARUNIT, Camp Pendleton, CA
Elec/Comm- 2800, 2822, 2831, 2844, 2846, 2847, 2881, 2887
Command & Control Systems- 0612, 0613, 0614, 0621, 0651, 0656Data Systems- 4067Elec Maintenance- 5912, 5937, 5942, 5962, 5963Air Cmnd & Control- 7234, 7242
29 Palms, CA
Cryptologic Linguist- 2671, 2673, 2674, 2676 Monterey, CA
Signals and Ground Elect Warfare- 2631, 2651 Corry Station, FL
Electronics Maint- 5900, 6000, 6100, 6200, 6300, 6400, 6500, 7011, 7200, 7300, 9972 Pensacola, FL
Avionics- 6494

Aviation Logistics- 6694

Athens, GA
Para Riggers- 0451 Ft. Benning, GA
Ground Mobile SATCOM- 0627 Ft.Gordon, GA
Tank Crewman- 1812

Tank Mechanic- 2146

Ft. Knox, KY
Utilities- 1161

Metal Worker- 1316

Ordnance- 2111, 2131, 47, 61, 71

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
Public Affairs- 4341

Cmbt Photo- 4611, 41, 71

Combat Lithographer- 4612

Ft. Meade, MD
Test Meas & Diag Equip Tech-2871

Aviation Meteorological Equip- 6493

Weather Observer- 6821

Keesler AFB, MS
Aircraft Maint- 6042, 6046

Aviation Oper Specialist – 7041

Meridian, MS
Eng Equip Mech/Oper- 1341, 1345, 1361

Motor T- 3531, 3533, 3536 NBC- 5711

MP & Corrections- 5811

Ft.Leonard Wood, MO
Pers & Admin- 0121, 0151

Logistics- 0411, 0431, 0481

Financial Management- 3432, 3451

Legal Clerk- 4421

Motor T- 3521. 3522

Supply- 3043, 3051, 3052

Traffic Management- 3112

Camp Lejeune,(Camp Johnson),NC
Utilities- 1141, 1142, 1171

Combat Engineer- 1371

Camp Lejeune, NC
Cryogenics Equip Oper- 6074 Cherry Point, NC
Aircraft Maintenance- 6112, 6113, 6115, 6116, 6132 New River, NC
Artillery- 0811, 0844, 0847, 0861 Ft. Sill, OK
Legal Services Clerk- 4421 Newport, RI
Postal Clerk- 0161 Ft.Jackson, SC
LAAD Gunner- 7212 Ft. Bliss, TX
Imagery Analysis Spec- 0241

Airfield Svc- 7051

Goodfellow AFB, TX
Correctional Spec- 5831 Lackland AFB, TX
Intel Spec- 0231 Dam Neck, VA
Intel- 0261 Ft. Belvoir, VA
Food Service Specialist- 3381

Bulk Fuel Specialist- 1391

Ft. Lee, VA
Musicians- 55XX NAB Little Creek, VA
MAGTF Planning Spec- 0511 NAB Little Creek,VA

School of Infantry-East Combined Arms Exercise

MCT Mail

Since the majority of training is conducted in the field during the 29 days of MCT, Marines will not always have access to their phones. Family and friends are still encouraged to send Letters as a form of communication during this training. You can view the School of Infantry Mailing Address and still send and receive Letters using Sandboxx.

To see what MCT company your Marine will be attending view our SOI company and class guide.

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