School of Infantry (SOI) Company and Class Reference Guide for Marine Corps

Your Marine has successfully graduated from boot camp and is off to the School of Infantry (SOI). If Marines went to boot camp at MCRD Parris Island then they will be attending SOI East. SOI East is located at Camp Geiger, North Carolina. Marines who attended boot camp at MCRD San Diego will go to SOI West located at Camp Pendleton, California.

For all the information you need for Marine Corps School of Infantry, download our free guide.


Marines will be report either to Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) or Marine Combat Training (MCT) upon arrival at SOI. Depending on what your Marine’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is will determine which school they will go to. For Marines with an infantry MOS (03xx) training will continue at ITB. All other Marines will train at MCT.

Although Marines will have more freedom during SOI, they will still be out in the field and away from their phones for long periods of time. You can still send Letters to your Marine while they are at SOI. Follow the steps below and use the guide to find your Marine’s new address.

  1. Use these graduation date charts below to find your Marine’s Company and Class for the School of Infantry (SOI).
  2. Once you’ve identified your Marine’s Company & Class information, visit our School of Infantry (SOI) – East & West Mailing Address Guide.
  3. Learn more about what happens at the School of Infantry after marine boot camp.

*Some class numbers are subject to change. Your Letter from the Command will inform you of the official class number of your Marine upon pickup. Although class numbers may vary, you can still use your Marine’s respective company from the lists below to begin send Letters to SOI.


Marine Combat Training (MCT) EAST
FY18 Class Schedule

Start Date Class Number Company Completion Date
26-Dec-17 Pick Up 10-18 G 23-Jan-18
2-Jan-18 Pick Up 11-18 H 30-Jan-18
9-Jan-18 Pick Up 11-18A I 6-Feb-18
16-Jan-18 Pick Up 12-18 K 13-Feb-18
23-Jan-18 Pick Up 13-18 F 20-Feb-18
30-Jan-18 Pick Up 14-18 G 27-Feb-18
13-Feb-18 Pick Up 15-18 H 13-Mar-18
20-Feb-18 Pick Up 16-18 I 20-Mar-18
6-Mar-18 Pick Up 17-18 K 3-Apr-18
13-Mar-18 Pick Up 18-18 F 10-Apr-18
20-Mar-18 Pick Up 19-18 G 17-Apr-18
10-Apr-18 Pick Up 20-18 H 8-May-18
17-Apr-18 Pick Up 21-18 I 15-May-18
24-Apr-18 Pick Up 22-18 K 22-May-18
1-May-18 Pick Up 23-18 F 29-May-18
8-May-18 Pick Up 24-18 G 5-Jun-18
15-May-18 Pick Up 25-18 H 12-Jun-18
22-May-18 Pick Up 26-18 I 19-Jun-18
5-Jun-18 Pick Up 27-18 K 3-Jul-18
12-Jun-18 Pick Up 28-18 F 10-Jul-18
26-Jun-18 Pick Up 29-18 G 24-Jul-18
10-Jul-18 Pick Up 30-18 H 7-Aug-18
17-Jul-18 Pick Up 31-18 I 14-Aug-18
31-Jul-18 Pick Up 32-18 K 28-Aug-18
14-Aug-18 Pick Up 33-18 F 11-Sep-18
28-Aug-18 Pick Up 34-18 G 25-Sep-18
4-Sep-18 Pick Up 35-18 H 2-Oct-18
11-Sep-18 Pick Up 36-18 I 9-Oct-18
18-Sep-18 Pick Up 37-18 K 16-Oct-18
25-Sep-18 Pick Up 38-18 F 23-Oct-18
2-Oct-18 Pick Up 1-19 G 30-Oct-18
16-Oct-18 Pick Up 2-19 H 13-Nov-18
23-Oct-18 Pick Up 3-19 I 20-Nov-18
30-Oct-18 Pick Up 4-19 K 27-Nov-18
13-Nov-18 Pick Up 5-19 F 11-Dec-18
20-Nov-18 Pick Up 6-19 G 18-Dec-18
27-Nov-18 Pick Up 7-19 H 25-Dec-18
4-Dec-18 Pick Up 8-19 I 1-Jan-18
11-Dec-18 Pick Up 9-19 K 8-Jan-18
18-Dec-18 Pick Up 10-19 F 15-Jan-18
25-Dec-18 Pick Up 11-19 G 22-Jan-18

Infantry Training Battallion (ITB) EAST
FY18 Class Schedule

Start Date Class Number Company Completion Date
28-Nov-17 4-18 Bravo 1-Feb-18
12-Dec-17 5-18 Charlie 15-Feb-18
4-Jan-18 6-18 Delta 7-Mar-18
25-Jan-18 7-18 Alpha 28-Mar-18
15-Feb-18 8-18 Bravo 18-Apr-18
6-Mar-18 9-18 Charlie 9-May-18
10-Apr-18 10-18 Delta 13-Jun-18
24-Apr-18 11-18 Alpha 27-Jun-18
15-May-18 12-18 Bravo 18-Jul-18
5-Jun-18 13-18 Charlie 8-Aug-18
26-Jun-18 14-18 Delta 29-Aug-18
17-Jul-18 15-18 Alpha 19-Sep-18
14-Aug-18 16-18 Bravo 17-OCt-18
2-Sep-18 17-18 Charlie 7-Nov-18
18-Sep-18 18-18 Delta 20-Nov-18

 SOI 2


Marine Combat Training (MCT) WEST
FY18 Class Schedule

Class Start Date Completion Date Company
9-18 12-Dec-17 19-Jan-18 Hotel
10-18 19-Dec-17 30-Jan-18 India
11-18 9-Jan-18 6-Feb-18 Kilo
12-18 16-Jan-18 13-Feb-18 Fox
13-18 23-Jan-18 20-Feb-18 Golf
14-18 30-Jan-18 27-Feb-18 Hotel
15-18 6-Feb-18 6-Mar-18 India
16-18 13-Feb-18 13-Mar-18 Kilo
17-18 20-Feb-18 20-Mar-18 Fox
18-18 6-Mar-18 3-Apr-18 Golf
19-18 13-Mar-18 10-Apr-18 Hotel
20-18 20-Mar-18 17-Apr-18 India
21-18 27-Mar-18 24-Apr-18 Kilo
22-18 17-Apr-18 15-May-18 Fox
23-18 24-Apr-18 22-May-18 Golf
24-18 1-May-18 29-May-18 Hotel
25-18 22-May-18 19-Jun-18 India
38-18 5-Jun-18 3-Jul-18 Fox
26-18 12-Jun-18 10-Jul-18 Golf
27-18 19-Jun-18 17-Jul-18 Hotel
28-18 26-Jun-18 24-Jul-18 India
39-18 10-Jul-18 7-Aug-18 Kilo
29-18 24-Jul-18 21-Aug-18 Fox
30-18 31-Jul-18 28-Aug-18 Golf
31-18 7-Aug-18 4-Sep-18 Hotel
32-18 21-Aug-18 18-Sep-18 India
33-18 28-Aug-18 25-Sep-18 Kilo
34-18 11-Sep-18 9-Oct-18 Fox
35-18 18-Sep-18 16-Oct-18 Golf
36-18 25-Sep-18 23-Oct-18 Hotel

Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) WEST
FY18 Class Schedule

Class Start Date Completion Date Company
4-18 28-Nov-17 6-Feb-18 Delta
5-18 12-Dec-17 20-Feb-18 Alpha
6-18 2-Jan-18 6-Mar-18 Charlie
7-18 23-Jan-18 27-Mat-18 Bravo
8-18 13-Feb-18 17-Apr-18 Delta
9-18 6-Mar-18 8-May-18 Alpha
10-18 20-Mar-18 22-May-18 Charlie
11-18 17-Apr-18 19-Jun-18 Bravo
12-18 1-May-18 5-Jul-18 Delta
13-18 22-May-18 24-Jul-18 Alpha
14-18 12-Jun-18 14-Aug-18 Charlie
15-18 26-Jun-18 28-Aug-18 Bravo
16-18 24-Jul-18 25-Sep-18 Delta
17-18 21-Aug-18 23-Oct-18 Alpha
18-18 11-Sep-18 14-Nov-18 Charlie

Once you’ve identified your Marine’s Company & Class information, visit our School of Infantry (SOI) – East & West Mailing Address Guide.


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  1. My sons start date was 11/14 should graduate 12/12. He told me he was golf co but the list here says India. He’s at camp Geiger.

  2. I haven’t heard from my son since he left on November 14, 2017. I need to know if he’s doing ok. Can someone help me find out this information? Thanks Ann

  3. We are trying to update my son’s address in Sandboxx for his time at MCT. We can figure out class and company, but not platoon. Any help?

    1. Good afternoon, John. Thank you for the feedback. We’ve confirmed that you’re correct and the Class is 12-18. We’re updating our blog information. Thank you for using SANDBOXX.

  4. I’m not quite sure what my sons address is. He arrived SOI ITB Jan. 16, but is waiting and says he will be picked up Jan 23.

  5. My grandson is currently on leave. He has an additional 7 days of leave because he agreed to be a Recruiter’s assistant. He is going to be at 29 Palms for his SOI. I’m not sure when he leaves. He graduated from MRCD on January 12. Im just trying to figure out what his mailing address will be.

    1. Good evening, Ron. The Platoon number they use at boot camp is totally separate from their address at SOI. Please reach out to our customer support team at for any questions you might have. Thank you for using Sandboxx.

  6. Brian,
    I am Nate Hoppe’s grandmother, Judy Hoppe. His girlfriend and I would like to write him but we can’t.figure out where he is. We came up with PVT, India Class 25-18 with the Pendleton address. Her letter has been returned. Can you help us out.

    1. Good morning, Judy. Our Customer Happiness Team updated Nate’s profile address in the app. You will just need to search for his profile and when you see it, select his profile and his address will autofill on the next screen. Please reach out to for further assistance. Have a great day!

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