I went back and picked a few of your “favorite” workouts to make this week’s… Fan Friday workout. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, knowing how much you probably won’t.

This week, my father told me a joke. It’s so bad it’s actually a little funny. “Why did the belt go to jail?… For holding up the pants.” Yes, I know it’s bad, but for him it’s a little funny.  For a little bit of context, he’s a police officer


Knees to Chest – 10 four count (Twice)

Bear Crawl – 15 yards (Twice)

Fire Hydrants – 15 Each Leg ( Twice)

Squat Drops – 15 total (Twice)


8 Count Body Builders w/ Burpee – 15 Total (Twice)

Inch Worm w/ Push-ups – 10 yards there and back (Twice)

15 mins of jogging at 75% speed – Distance doesn’t matter. What matters is that as soon as you’re done, you go right into the next workout.

Burpee Suicides – Exactly how it sounds… Amazing. Your goal is to reach the 25 yard line and back doing a total of 10 burpees with the traditional suicides.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Give yourself 5 mins rest before attempting this. Do 15, 8-count Body Builders w/ Burpees, and then go right into a Burpee Suicide, except this time, go for 30 yards and 12 burpees.

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