Reagan Tough

On this day, then-President Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt after being shot in the chest. With a collapsed lung he walked himself into the hospital. Yea… he got shot in the chest and was like “nah brah… i’m good to walk.” (at least that’s how I envision him saying it)

I pulled another one from my Father’s wise philosophies database, “If it’s important you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.”


Lunges – 15 yards out and 15 back. (Three Times)

Spider-mans – Stay about 4 inches or so from the ground and go 10 yards. Then go back. (Twice)

Prone to Sprints – Start in the prone and hop up into a 70% sprint for 30 yards ( Four Times)

Pull-ups – Do half of your max set.  (Three Times)


Diamond Push-ups – Hands in the shape of a Diamond… it’s not rocket science. 15 in a four count (Three Times).

Buddy Carries – You will be fireman carrying a buddy or a sandbag. Something that simulates a “buddy”. Carry the “buddy” 50 yards in a semi-sprint.  (Five Times)

Burpees – They are traditional burpees. Do 15. (Three Times)

2 Laps around the track  – AKA 1/2 mile. Then take 45 seconds to catch your out-of-shape breath. (Three Times… I’ll help you with the math… 1 1/2 miles total… you’re welcome)

Don’s special add-on:

Go and read the story of what happened to Reagan. It’s history… study it.


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