St. Patrick’s Day 40’s

As St. Patrick spent 40 years helping the Irish people, we will be doing 40’s of our own in appreciation. That’s 40’s as in numbers of reps, and not 40’s as in Edward 40Hands (don’t be that guy).

I pulled out an old one from a database known as my Father’s wise philosophies, “Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone has one.



50 yard build ups – Start at at 25% speed. Get to 25 yds and be at 50%, and reach 50 yds at 75% (Four Times)

Highland Fling – Do a full body cross over for a 40 times ( Do it Twice)

Lateral Step Squat – Set up 10 yards away face to the side. Side step into a squat until you get to 10 yds. Then go back facing same direction. (Twice)

40 yd Push-up to Build-ups – Start at at 25% speed. Get to 15 yds and be at 50%, and reach 30 yds at 75% (Four Times)


In and Out Push ups – You can youtube it if need be, but it’s one pushup hands inside and one outside until you get to 40.  (twice)

Planks – Do 40 seconds in the front plank, 40 seconds on right side plank, and then 40 seconds on your left side plank. (Tree times… yes tree… as in how Shane my Irish roommate says three)

40 Meter Sprints – Start the first one at 90%. Then 100% every one after. Take a 20 sec break between each sprint. (Ten Times)

Ball Throws  – Take a heavy ball and start at the 1 yard line. Get on your knees, and then explode up with the ball throwing it as far as you can. Throw it 40 yards, and then go back 40 yards. (Three Times)

Don’s special add-on:

Do 10 In and Out Push Ups, and then go right into 30 seconds of Planks on each side and front. As soon as you’re done with the planks go right into a 40 Yard Dash. Jog back and do another set of Ball Throws.

Do me a special favor this weekend. If you are old enough to partake in alcoholic beverages please do so responsibly. Last thing anyone wants to hear is bad news. There are tons of apps out there to help you get home. Use one! (off soapbox)


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