Two-A-Day Thursday

To help my kind-of-chunky Guinness-drinking roommate (who happens to be the Marketing Director at Sandboxx) I have started doing two-a-days with him. Maybe it’s for personal reasons (I’m not fat… ok?)… maybe not. You’ll never know.

I pulled out an old one from a database known as my Father’s wise philosophies, “Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone has one.”


Highland Fling – Do a full body cross over for a four count 15 times ( Do it Three Times)

50 yard build ups – Start at at 25% speed. Get to 25 yds and be at 50%, and reach 50 yds at 75% (Four Times)

Lateral Step Squat – Set up 10 yards away face to the side. Side step into a squat until you get to 10 yds. Then go back facing same direction. (Twice)

Inch Worms – 10 yards there and back (Twice)


Burpee Frog Jumps – Instead of jumping up at the end of the Burpee, you jump forward into a frog jump. 25 yds there and back. (Twice)

100 Meter Sprints – Start the first one at 80%. Then 100% every one after. Take a 30 sec break between each sprint. (Nine Times)

Pull-ups – Take whatever your max is and divide that by two. Take that number and do  that many pull-ups 7-10 times.

Bicycle Crunches – Full extended cross body crunches for a four count 20. (Three Times)

Don’s special add-on

Gains are made in two ways… the kitchen, and with sweat. I don’t think you’re doing these in the kitchen… so get to sweating. Then go home and do 15-20 mins of nutrition research. You’ll thank me later.


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