SlaySession #17 – Democratic Workout

SlaySession #17: Squats for ‘Merica…Burpees for Freedom

Since everyone wants to comment on the election, I figured I would let you decide your own fate today. You know because we’re a democracy and stuff. Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Stationary Squats: 10 all the way up and to 90 Degrees (4 times)


Stationary Squat Jumps: 10 90 degree squats with a jump at the top (3 times)

 Set of 15 (4 times)


Diamond Push-Ups: Set of 10 (3 times)

Inch Worms:  For 10 yards (3 times)


 Inch Worms w/ Push-Ups: For 10 yards (2 times)


1/4 mile Build Ups: Start the 1/4 mile at 45% and work your way up to 75% at the halfway mark. Then the last turn should be a sprint. Do it 6 times.

Pull-up Burpees: Just like it sounds. Get on your face, and do a burpee up to the pull-up bar. Then do a pull-up. Do this 7-10 times. Then rest 30 secs and repeat. Do this 5 times.

Bicycle Crunches:
15 four count. You can pause where you need to finish. Do it 4 times.

Shoulder Press w/ 20 lb Kettle Bell/Ammo Can: Do 20 reps at first. Wait 1 min. Then do a max set. Meaning as many as you can without stopping. After your shoulders are completely destroyed wait 3 mins and do another 20 rep set.

Now I know I said you get to choose this workout, buts let’s be realistic. I was never going to let that happen. Suck it up and water the earth with your sweat.

  1. Like any Marine, one does as one is told. That was in my good days. “68-69”. Now I would do my best today but couldn’t promise more the my best. There is a reason there is not many 67 year old grunts. The heart is there but the body doesn’t understand what the heart says.



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