“Writing to my son at boot camp”

Sandboxx worked perfectly for my on-the-go lifestyle. Not only do I live on my mobile phone, I travel a lot and found I didn’t like having to find mailboxes and stamps or even plan to carry them with me to mail a letter. Once I discovered Sandboxx, it became so easy to get my thoughts down wherever I was, no matter the time or place, to send to him.

USMC graduation

That was the first plus, and the second was the ability to add a picture to the letters like I was facebooking or snapchatting. I could snap a pic of a beautiful sunrise that made me think of him or a snap of his dogs that I knew would make him smile. Or a snap of where I was in a strange city wondering what he was doing and sending him positive thoughts.

I discovered Sandboxx bulk prices for 25 letters and that was a real deal (or a steal 😊 ) for me. It is hard to think it is frugal to spend more than a stamp on a letter for some, but I am very happy to pay for the convenience of knowing my letters and pictures are delivered with tracking, and he gets postage paid stationery back to me. It is a wonderful app that made me feel like I was truly communicating with my son.

Lisa – Marine Mom

Sandboxx is a mobile app that enables those in uniform and their families stay connected like never before possible. Servicemembers, veterans, reservists and recruits can use Sandboxx Units to stay in touch with all those they have or will serve with. Sandboxx Letters continues the mission by giving loved ones the ability to send physical mail to those in basic training, boot camp or on deployment. Join the Sandboxx community here.