One Marine Recruit’s Dad Sounding Off!

A Marine recruit’s dad writes about his positive experiences with Sandboxx Letters.

I love this app! I wish I had checked it out earlier.

My first contact with Sandboxx was the company liking a tweet I sent out about my son joining the Marines and heading off to Parris Island.

Then, after sending any letters to my son at boot camp, he mentioned that I should try out Sandboxx. He must have seen other recruits receiving mail from Sandboxx. So I looked into it and thought it would be something to try. Little did I know how much fun it was to simply dictate a quick letter, throw in a picture, (my son son had been requesting more pictures) and know that it was going to arrive quickly. And it has been verifiably quick. Yesterday, I received my first return mail, only 6 days after I first tried the service.

new marines pass in review at mcrd san diego

Customer service has also been responsive. When I sent my first letter, or rather submitted it, I did not have my son’s platoon number at Parris Island. Within a very short time, I received a personal email asking for the platoon number, and offering to update my son’s address with that information. I also like receiving a confirmation email that Sandboxx has received my submission because then I know that everything went through okay.

Also, another small feature which is been useful for me is that if I get interrupted when I am composing a letter, or last week when I was in Canada and on the edge of internet service, if I simply go back to the Sandbox app everything is still there and I can resume where I left off.

Overall, the app has been fabulous. It gives me the freedom of composing a letter wherever I am, composing a letter on the spur of the moment and adding instantaneous photos. It has been incredibly fun and my son has received a lot more letters then otherwise he would have. The price is very reasonable. I have become a raving fan and my other kids have added it on their iPhones. Thank you to whoever’s idea this business was!!! I know I will be using it when my son goes to Combat Training and his MOS base, even though he won’t have the restrictions on electronic communication there.

I have always felt very thankful to our current military and veterans for their commitment to the country. My dad was a WW2 veteran and my brother was in the Navy and Reserves for many years. It is quite a different feeling being the parent of a Marine and first hand seeing the effort and commitment it takes to simply earn that title. I sincerely appreciate any efforts to support military men and women (and importantly, their families). Congratulations on being an element of that support.

David Fretz

Sandboxx is a mobile app that enables those in uniform and their families stay connected like never before possible. Servicemembers, veterans, reservists and recruits can use Sandboxx Units to stay in touch with all those they have or will serve with. Sandboxx Letters continues the mission by giving loved ones the ability to send physical mail to those in basic training, boot camp or on deployment. Join the Sandboxx community here.

  1. I want to THANK all the men and women .Whom choose to be my HERO..My son is a Marine and I have the most amazing respect for you and I Love you All…….



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