“Weekend Worries”

Don here, don’t let the weekend determine your next upcoming week. Get off of the couch, and go work off those lazy weekend meals. Slay on friends, Slay on!!!!


Walking Knee Grabs– 15 yards (Twice)
– 20 yards (Twice)
Sun Gods w/ 5 pnd weights– Side, Top, and Front (Twice)
Suicide Build ups- Start by going 5 yds then 10 then 15 then 20 yds, by 20 yds you should be at full speed (Twice)


1/4 Mile at 75%- 90 sec break (Twice)

30 lb (Ammo Can or Kettle Bell) Over Head Hold with 25 yds of Lunges- (Three Times)

Power Jumps- Try to make it as far as you can every jump for 100 yds (Twice)

Pull-up with Knee-up – Max set (Four Times)

Inch Worm with Push-ups- 30 yds (Twice)
Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Give yourself 5 mins rest before attempting this. Do every workout all the way through with no breaks, and see if you can beat my personal time. My time was……yea right i’m not going to tell you. You message me yours, and if you beat my time i’ll make a post about it giving you props. I did really well so Good Luck!

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