Phrases to know before Army Basic Training

The following is advice from Josh Hartmann and lists the top terminology and phrases that you need to know before shipping out to basic training. You can download the Sandboxx app before basic training here.

Army Basic Training Phrases

FNG – Fucking new guy
High-Speed – Can be good or bad
◦ Good: We’re going to be doing some high-speed shit today!
◦ Bad: If they address you as high-speed (It means you’re a know-it-all or trying too hard)
Down Range – After in-processing, where you’re actual basic begins
Front Leaning Rest Position – Pushup position
Blue Falcon – BF aka Buddy Fucker. Do not be this.
CQ – Charge of Quarters. Basically, just guard duty/secretary.
Recycled – Start basic all over
TMC – Troop medical center
Company – Large group of platoons
Platoon – 40-60 people, your main group in basic
Roster Number – Number assigned to you in your platoon.
Hook and Loop – Velcro
Hundred Mile An Hour Tape – Duct tape
Getting smoked – Forced PT until you can’t move anymore

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