What you need to know before Army Basic Training

The following is advice from Josh Hartmann and lists his tops tips that you need to know before shipping out to basic training. You can download the Sandboxx app before basic training here.

male and female army drill sergeants


  • At least two miles/day. Regardless of how long it takes you.
  • Sing while running.
  • Every other day: Sprint 15 seconds, Jog 1 minute. Repeat.


  • As many as you can in two minutes. Resting is okay, but keep three points of contact on the ground at all times.
  • Never touch knees.
  • Do them throughout the day. Not just once a day.
  • Never touch knees.
  • Do them throughout the day. Not just once a day.


  • As many as you can in two minutes.
  • Use something to hold feet down.
  • Throughout the day.

Additional exercises

  • Flutter kicks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Overhead arm claps
  • Overhead arm raises
  • Jumping jacks
  • Iron cross (Hold arms out 90 degrees for as long as possible)
  • Up-Downs

army recruit crawling through obstacle course


  • Army Song
  • Soldier’s Creed
  • Three General Orders
  • Warrior Ethos
  • Seven Army Values
  • Rank Structure
  • Military Time
  • Phonetic Alphabet

Practice Carrying A Weaponarmy drill sergeant with rifle at obstacle course

  • Wooden dowel or stick 100cm long
  • Attach weight to 9lbs
  • Never let it out of arm’s reach
  • Hold over your head for long periods with a heavy backpack on

Practice Road Marches

  • Long walks (minimum 3 miles) with heavy backpack on carrying practice weapon

army basic training road march


  • Three meals a day
  • As fast as you can
  • Feet shoulder width apart directly in front of you
  • One hand on the table at a time
  • NO SNACKS. You don’t get to eat anything other than your three meals during basic.
  • Drink one glass water and one glass of gatorade with meals.

Sleep Schedule

  • In bed by 2100
  • Wake up for one hour during sleep (to simulate fireguard)
  • Read a book sitting up or pace a hallway, do NOTHING else.
  • Wake up by at 0400
  • Get a cheap digital watch with alarm function. Practice waking to it’s alarm.
  • Practice getting dressed in the dark as fast as you can


  • Your head: Not longer than a #3 clipper guard
  • Your face: Every day, no sideburns


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