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Navy P Days – what you need to know

Wondering what 'p-days' are at Navy boot camp?

P Days, or P Week, is not an easy time at boot camp. Although training has not officially begun, recruits should remember to stand at attention, respond only when spoken to and follow each direction exactly as told.

Recruits will undergo further medical, dental and administrative screenings. Recruits receive a thorough round of inoculations and an initial issue of uniforms.

Navy P Days Great Lakes

All Recruits will be given a thorough drug screening urinalysis by a Navy Drug Lab upon arrival. The Navy has a Zero Tolerance policy regarding drug use, including any prescription drugs for which a Recruit does not have a valid prescription. There are no exceptions to this rule, so before a recruit arrives onboard, he/she should be adhering to the Navy’s Code of Conduct regarding drug use.

This period lasts for approximately five days, but can run a little longer depending on weekends, holidays and the schedule of arriving Recruits.

During P-days, recruits will be taught the basics of watch standing, given information to memorize, and will learn to organize your gear and life. P Days conclude with a commissioning ceremony in which the recruit’s division receives its guidon (divisional flag displaying division number). This ceremony marks the official start of the recruit’s training.

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