Don’s SlaySession #4

Don here, giving the Sandboxx faithful what they’ve asked for. You wanted workouts to get you ready to ship, well here it is. Be careful what you ask for. Slay on friends, Slay on!!!!


Knee to Chest– 10 four count (Twice)
Bear Crawl
– 15 yards (Twice)
Fire Hydrants– 15 Each Leg (Twice)
Squat Drops- 15 total (Twice)

Don’s SlaySession
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workout dogs

8 Count Body Builders w/ Burpee – 15 Total ( Twice)

Inch Worm w/ Push-ups – 10 yards there and back ( Twice)

10 mins of jogging at 65% speed –Distance doesn’t matter.  What matters is that as soon as you’re done you go right into the next workout.

Burpee Suicides- Exactly how it sounds… Amazing. Your goal is to reach the 25 yard line and back doing a total of 10 burpees with the traditional suicides.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Give yourself 5 mins rest before attempting this. Do 15 – 8 Count Body Builders w/ Burpees, and then go right into a Burpee Suicide except this time go for 30 yards and 12 burpees.



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