This is Don from Sandboxx pushing out another SlayBodies workout to get you ready to become a professional warfighter. Slay on friends, Slay on!!!!

          Don’s SlaySession
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Long Strider– 10 four count (Twice)
Walking Lung– 10 each leg (Twice)
Carioca– 10 yds then twist and face opposite direction finishing 10 more yds ( Twice)
Jump Thrusts- 15 total (Twice)


Push-up Suicides- 25 yd traditional Suicide platform with 10 push-ups every time you get to the next line.( Twice)
Side Straddle Hop Burpees-
10 Traditional Burpees with a push-up and instead of the jump at the end you do a Side Straddle Hop, 10 sec break, ( Three Times)
10 yd Carioca to Sprint- 15 yds then twist facing opposite direction for 15 more yds into a 20 yd forward sprint. ( Five Times)
Mountain Climber Push-ups- Traditional four count Mountain Climbers with a push-up embtween. 12 total ( Four Times)

        Don’s special add-on:
 (Note: only if able to) 

Give yourself 5 mins rest before attempting this. Do each Workout from the SlayTime portion above – back to back to back to back – one time all the way through.

the Rock

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