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5 tips for sending Letters to boot camp

Team SANDBOXX has delivered thousands of letters to those at basic training and boot camp. Here are 5 few tips for anyone sending letters to writing Letters to Someone in Boot Camp

marine DI hands mail to recruit
  1. Write Often: Mail call is the best time of the day for recruits and hearing their name being called out each day to collect their letters can be a big boost to them.
  2. Send photos: A picture says a thousand words and can help brighten up your recruit’s day.
  3. Keep it positive: Your recruit will be under a lot of physical and mental stress. This is probably the toughest time in their life and they don’t need to know about drama at home.
  4. Keep it short: Chances are that your loved one won’t have much time to reply to all of your letters or to read long letters. Send a short letter every day rather than a long one each week.
  5. Send support: Let your recruit know that you are incredibly proud of them. Family and friends being unsupportive of a recruit’s decision to join the military can add unnecessary stress.

Need inspiration on what photos to include in your Letters? See our list of the “Top 6 photos to send to Basic Training”. 


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