5 Tips when writing to someone at Basic Training & Boot Camp

Team Sandboxx has delivered thousands of letters to those at basic training and boot camp. From talking to hundreds of family, friends and recruits ,these are the five pieces of letter writing advice that we keep hearing. 

marine DI hands mail to recruit

  1. Write Often: Mail call is the best time of the day for recruits and hearing their name being called out each day to collect their letters can be a big boost to them.
  2. Send photos: A picture says a thousand words and can help brighten up your recruit’s day. See our list of the “Top 6 photos to send to Basic Training”
  3. Keep it positive: Your recruit will be under a lot of physical and mental stress. This is probably the toughest time in their life and they don’t need to know about drama at home.
  4. Keep it short: Chances are that your loved one won’t have much time to reply to all of your letters or to read long letters. Send a short letter every day rather than a long one each week.
  5. Send support: Let your recruit know that you are incredibly proud of them. Family and friends being unsupportive of a recruit’s decision to join the military can add unnecessary stress.

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