Call me ‘Military Brat’ one more time…

Macy Rupp is a senior in high school living in the DC area. Her father retired as a Colonel in the Marine Corps two years ago, after 30 years in Marine aviation. One of her four sisters is an active duty Lieutenant in the Army. Macy gave us her thoughts on the term “Military Brat”:

“Military Brat,” a term used to describe those of us whose parents serve in the military.

Whenever my dad’s career in the Marine Corps comes up in conversation, the immediate response is “Oooh so you’re a military brat?” Though I know their intentions are pure, I can’t help but get really annoyed when someone refers to me that way.

As I got older I noticed that more often than not, my parent’s career seemed to define me, at least to new people. Though I know my parents and friends never felt that way, it always bothered me. A military dependent is so much more than their parents career. Growing up in a military family has of course shaped who I am and I am not ashamed of that, but sometimes I just wanted to feel normal. Because despite the deployments, moving, and base housing, we are normal!

So now what? I’m sitting in a conversation with a civilian and I can slowly feel my blood pressure rising out of irritation. Over the years, I’ve developed a handful of responses that I still find clever and funny:

Response One:

Civilian: “Ooh so you’re a military brat?”

Me: “What’re you? An accounting brat?”

Response Two:

Civilian: “Ooh so you’re a military brat?”

Me: “Sorry I don’t speak civilian”

Response Three:

Civilian: “Ooh so you’re a military brat?”

Me: “I’m also a part time unicorn and occasionally a wizard”

Response Four:

Civilian: “Ooh so you’re a military brat?”

Me: “Oops, I think your autocorrect said “military brat” when you actually meant to say “boss”.”

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So there you go! Four solid responses that will put an end to “military brat”. Good luck my fellow dependents. Until next time.

Love, lights, and plywood,

Macy Rupp

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