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10 Final Tips Before Taking The ASVAB

So you’re about to take the ASVAB and you want to do really well. To make sure that you nail the exam, we have put together a last minute ASVAB exam technique guide.


1. The Day Before the

If you are feeling nervous or worried the day
before the exam, meet up with friends or work out. It’s important to get a good
night’s sleep before the exam so that you’ll have a clear head and give
yourself the best chance of getting good results.

2. Know where you’re

Make sure to arrive at the exam hall well before
the exam. You do not need the unnecessary stress of getting delayed in traffic
or not being able to find the exam location. If possible, visit the location in
advance so that you can concentrate on your exam on the day. Obviously if you
are sitting the exam at your school this will not be a issue.

3. Ask Questions

Follow the instructions of the invigilators. If you
are uncertain of anything, do not be afraid to ask questions. They are there to
help you.

4. Know which exam
format you’re taking

As you probably know, the ASVAB can be taken in a
pencil or computer format. The format you are taking will depend on the
location of your exam. Each of these exams requires a different strategy and
has different rules.

Advice for the Pen and Paper (P&P) ASVAB

· You can skip questions and return to them with the
P&P exam. If you find a question particularly difficult, skip it and come
back to it at the end.

· If you run out of time, guess the remainder of the

· Make sure you completely erase incorrect answers
and only mark one answer.

· Throughout the exam, make sure that you are
answering the correct question. Unfortunately there are always a handful of
people who get to the end of the exam and realise they skipped a question and
have been filling the wrong answers.

Advice for the Computer

· Once you have answered a question, you are not
allowed to return to that question again. Make sure that you answer it

· The computer-based test uses adaptive testing. This
means that if you answer a question correctly then the next question is more
difficult. If you answer a question incorrectly then the next question is
easier. Just answer the question and don’t worry if it seems more difficult or

5. Read the questions

Once you sit down to
take the exam, read and listen to the instructions carefully. These will differ
depending on the type of the exam. With the CAT ASVAB for example, the keyboard
will have only a few keys that you need to use. Pressing an invalid key may disqualify your results and you may have to
return another day to resit the exam.


points are not deducted for incorrect answers – guess, but make an educational
guess. When taking a P&P format test, read through the questions, first,
and then answer the ones that are easiest for you, first. If there is time
remaining for the tougher questions, you should guess. With the CAT-ASVAB you
only get one question at a time, so you can’t leave the tougher questions to
guess at the end.

tips on how guess with the best chance of success:

· Eliminate answers that are obviously wrong.

· If you can’t eliminate any answers, then always
guess the same letter. Statistically this will increase the probably of
guessing correctly.

7. Time

should know how long to spend on each question before going into the exam. Bring
a watch with you and make sure that you do not spend too much time on any
individual question.

there is time remaining at the end of the exam review your answers. You will
not be allowed leave a P&P ASVAB until everyone has finished.

Focus on your own Exam

Don’t waste any time
and energy looking to see what others are doing. People often get worried that
others have 5 questions answered while you are finishing your second. Eyes down
and stick to your strategy. You want your complete focus and attention on your

Don’t look back

Once you finish a
question, just concentrate on the next one. This is easier to do with the
CAT-ASVAB because you can’t return to a question that you have answered. Don’t
waste any time wondering if it was right or wrong – your attention will be
better spent trying to get this one correct.

Don’t Stress

You can re-sit the ASVAB
if you don’t get the score that you need. Although it’s better to get it done
the first time, it is not the end of the world if something goes wrong on the
day. Everyone will think the worst after the exam. Like one recruit said , “I took my ASVAB
a few weeks ago and was freaking out.  I didn’t even want to open my
scores till my recruiter made me open it, I was surprised on how well I
did. ” Use the nervous energy and adrenaline to your advantage.

Best of luck from Team

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    1. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a timed multi-aptitude test, which is given at over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) nationwide and is developed and maintained by the Department of Defense. It is the test you have to take in order to join the military.

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