Video Skills = $100

We want your help. We are creating a launch video for the Sandboxx app and want you to help shoot it. This production will be a series of 4 to 5 second videos around “Military Lifestyle”.

If we select your video as part of the series, you will receive $50, Sandboxx gear, and some serious bragging rights. The best clip will receive $100.

What is a launch video? It is a short 30 second clip that plays in the background during the signup / login screen of an app or website. Its purpose is to simply display moments within a lifestyle. Our launch video will be focused on military lifestyle. To help your creativity, below are videos for you to watch. They effectively portray their community and purpose.

Duet – Notice each shot and the moment it captures. – The video (web only) is simple and says, “Pay with ease on the go”.

Dropbox – Snips of moments captured very well here.

Paper – Moments in a day of a Paper user.

Spotify iOS app – After you download the app, you will see a series of 5 second videos showing people listening to music in different places. This is exactly our goal.

Shooting: Please shoot these videos with an iPhone in portrait orientation (not landscape) and think about the lifestyle of the military – the barracks on a Saturday afternoon and 0530 on a Tuesday, the moments of training that challenge you, daily formations, unit PT, leadership, family events, driving through the base gate, being out on the town with friends, walking into the mess hall, the building you work in, field day, inspections, spouses making welcome home signs, the line at the PX or waiting for a haircut, gas chamber qualification, range qualifications, waking up on ship, the flight deck, putting your rank on your uniform – all the little moments and experiences that make up military lifestyle.

Remember, we need 4 – 5 second clips. Send as many clips as you like to, subject “Launch Video”. Thank you for helping us make Sandboxx better every day.


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