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Marine & Army Solider’s Embark on 150-Mile Ruck to Raise Money for Houston

VIDEO: United States Army Veteran, Nick Bare and Marine Corps Corporal, Armando Nava will attempt a 150 Mile Ruck March from Austin, Texas to Houston Texas on September 8, 2017. Please help support Houston by donating here:

All proceeds are being given to the American Red Cross

5 Things To Memorize Before Navy Boot Camp

While these seven things will be covered during Navy Boot Camp,  the more you learn now, the less you have to struggle memorizing when the intensity of training picks up.

6 Things to Memorize Before Marine Boot Camp

Before heading to Marine boot camp here are 6 things that a recruit should memorize before boot camp.

Marine Corps. Rank | Rifleman’s Creed | 11 General Orders | Marine Corps Core Values | The Marine’s Hymn | 14 USMC Leadership Traits

Military Girlfriend: Etiquette Rules of Military Life

Becoming a military family means there are a few rules of etiquette of military life that every wife or girlfriend should know well. This list isn’t exhaustive, but its covers the basics of what to wear, say and do.